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Assistance Programs

To meet the continuing needs of its service community, Augusta Health has formulated a financial assistance program to help patients in resolving their hospital accounts. This policy applies to all services normally covered by third party payers (insurances). Included services are hospital, home health, durable medical equipment, hospice and physician offices associated with Augusta Health. This policy does not cover convenience items, drugs from the pharmacy, or physician offices over which Augusta Health has no control.

Your household income must meet the criteria stated in order to be eligible for financial assistance.

Augusta Health Care Community Assistance

This program uses a multiple of the Federal Poverty Guideline. We apply a sliding fee schedule for household income up to 250% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. Depending on the income and number of family members, patients can receive anywhere from 10% to 100% reduction of fees on their bills.

Applying for Assistance

As a condition of eligibility, you must make an application for assistance (Medicare, Medicaid, SLH, medical insurance, auto insurance, etc.) that may be available for payment of your hospital charge. If you think you may be available for financial assistance, download the Financial Assistance Application. You may also request it from any registration personnel or contact the Augusta Health Business Office for assistance.

Download the Financial Assistance Application