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Medical Oncology & Hematology

Medical oncology is the specialty of internal medicine that deals with the diagnosis, management, and treatment of cancer. Hematology is a sub-specialty of internal medicine studying blood disorders, separate from, but often overlapping with the specialty of medical oncology. Our board certified medical oncologists/hematologists are physicians who have specialized knowledge of all aspects of the treatment of cancer and blood diseases including chemotherapy, biotherapy, blood product transfusion, and cancer vaccines.

At the Augusta Health Cancer Center, medical oncologists manage the care of cancer patients by routinely collaborating with other physicians, including radiation oncologists and surgeons to determine the optimal treatment plan to offer the patient the best possible outcome.

Infusion Services

The Cancer Center has 21 infusion bays, with a mix of group space and private suites so you can receive care in your choice of setting. Whether you need a simple lab draw or injection, a chemotherapy treatment, IV antibiotics, blood transfusion or fluids—you can receive the care in the setting that makes you the most comfortable. We have select weekend treatment hours for injections, hydration/fluids, antibiotics, and blood products. Our staff includes nurses from the Nursing Treatment Center, IV Nursing Team—for difficult or hard "starts"—and the Medical-Surgical unit.