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Community Health Programs

Community Wellness offers health promotion services to the community at a variety of locations throughout the year. In addition, educational materials are also available to increase the public's awareness of chronic illnesses that plague our community. Knowledge and early detection of a problem are key elements to health promotion.

Health Assessment & Screenings

  1. Blood Pressure
  2. Blood Screenings
    • Cholesterol/HDL and Ratio
    • Cholesterol/HDL and Ratio, LDL, and Triglycerides
    • Glucose
  3. Body Mass Index (BMI)
  4. Dermascan: screening for sun damage

Health Promotion Programs

Health Presentation Topics

  • General Wellness
    1. Biblical Twist to Health
    2. Why Bother: Health Risks & Benefits
    3. What's Stopping You? Overcoming Barriers
    4. Ready, Set, Change: Readiness For Change
    5. Small Steps of Change: Goal Setting
    6. Wellness Puzzle: Missing Any Pieces
  • Physical Wellness (Nutrition / Activity)
    1. Activity without Spandex
    2. I just ate what!: Evaluate Your Plate
    3. Breakfast On The Go
    4. Rainbow On The Go: Brown Bag Lunches
    5. Quick Weight Loss and Throw Away Those Diet Books: Fad Diets
    6. Family, Fun & Fitness
    7. Combating Snack Attacks: Healthy Snacks
    8. Helping Your Child Maintain a Healthy Weight
    9. What’s The Shape of Your Pyramid? Label Reading/Food Pyramid
    10. Portion Distortion
    11. Shopping on the Edge: Healthy Grocery Shopping
    12. Dining Out: A Guide to Menu Selection
    13. Do You Want Fat With That?: Healthier Fast Food Choices
  • Health & Safety Issues
    1. Splinters, Splints, Sprains: Household First Aid
    2. Wrinkles To Emphysema: Hazards of Tobacco
    3. Know Your Numbers Before Your Numbers Come Up: Heart Health
    4. Bone Up On Calcium: Prevention of Osteoporosis
    5. Reduce Your Cancer Risk
    6. Gain Independence From Tobacco: Smoking Cessation
    7. Slip, Slop, Slap and Wrap: American Cancer Society Sun Safety Tips
    8. Fever, Aches and Pains: When To Seek Medical Help
    9. Metabolic syndrome, Pre-diabetes and Diabetes: What exactly are they and how are they different?
    10. Immunizations: Aren’t they just kid’s stuff?
  • Emotional / Mental Wellness
    1. Am I Worth It? : Self-esteem
    2. Fight, Flight or Flow: Stress Management
    3. Laughter- The Best Medicine: Humor & Health
    4. Count To Ten and Breathe: Relaxation Techniques
    5. Deep Roots: Source of Strength
    6. Stress Management

Safety Programs

  • CPR: American Heart Association Standards
    • Heartsaver AED: This course provides hands on instruction in the use of the automated external defibrillator, along with adult and child CPR, and choking procedures.
    • Adult/Child Heartsaver: This course includes CPR and choking procedures for adults and children.
    • Adult, Child, and Infant Heartsaver: This course includes CPR and choking procedures for adults, children, and infants.
    • Family and Friends Community CPR program: This class is intended for people with limited or no medical training who want to learn more about CPR and will receive a participation not a completion card.
  • First Aid: National Safety Council Standards

    This class addresses pre-hospital emergency care and can be lengthened to include demonstrations and practical application of skills.

  • Smart-Sitters

    This babysitting class for adolescents 12 and older includes infant and child care: feeding, bathing and age appropriate activities. First Aid and Family and Friends CPR are also covered. Classes are offered when students are not in school: December, June and August.


  • Influenza

    A vaccine that is produced annually to provide immunity for the expected respiratory flu viruses of the year.

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