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Forum Strategic Plan

Goal 1

Provide Venue for Sharing Up-to –Date Information on Community Issues and Members' Capabilities and Services and Facilitate Community Awareness of Health Issues and Services Represented within the Forum

Objective #1

Strengthen intra-forum communication system.


  1. Encourage effective use of website by members.
  2. Facilitate communication of members through hosting, list serve, and encouraging use of name badges.

Objective #2

Strengthen focus of Forum meetings as a networking venue.


  1. Provide opportunities for intentional networking through creative meeting formats.
  2. Engage new members from first visit onward.

Objective #3

Engage key participants from the community.


  1. Identify and invite specific agency, faith, and public service leaders.
  2. Develop methods to solicit top-level partnerships.
  3. Enhance marketing efforts to better reflect the mission and role of the Forum and its participants.

Goal 2

Identify Community Physical and Mental Health Needs through a Comprehensive Health Needs Assessment and other Community Data and Continue to Partner with Augusta Health to Review and Communicate Findings of the Comprehensive Needs Assessment


Gather and evaluate census and community health data to determine gaps in data and community needs.


  1. Continue to survey Forum members.
  2. Assimilate other assessment data – YRBS, Transportation, etc.
  3. Conduct community needs assessment sponsored by Augusta Health.
  4. Report general assessment findings to Forum membership.

Goal 3

Facilitate Community Health Needs Assessment Implementation Strategy


Serve as a catalyst for action.


  1. Prioritize identified needs.
  2. Select Forum attainable projects.

(Revised 12/04/2013)