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Healthy Families of the Blue Ridge

Supporting families right from the start!

What is Healthy Families?

Healthy Families of the Blue Ridge is a voluntary program that helps you as a parent learn about how your children develop, how to keep your children healthy, and how to prepare them to
do well in school.

The first and most important teachers in every child's life are their parents. We work with other programs in your community to make sure that you have what is needed to support your child's health, growth and development
from birth to five years of age.

How does Healthy Families support parents?

We provide:

  • Comprehensive Family Survey
  • Access and information to community resources for parents, including long-term home visiting services
  • Long-Term Home Visiting
  • Access to Parent Support Groups
  • A toy and book lending library for participants
  • Child development information

What is Long-Term Home Visitation?

A Family Support Worker partners with parents during home visits to help children get the best start in life. A Family Support Worker will share information on:

  • Caring for yourself and your baby
  • Learning what you can expect as your baby grows
  • Playing and communicating with your baby
  • Discipline and guidance for your child
  • Finding a medical provider and health care resources for your child and family
  • Making an exciting and safe home where your baby can grow and learn

Who can be a part of Healthy Families?

  • Families living in Augusta, Bath, Highland and Rockingham counties and the cities of Harrisonburg, Staunton, & Waynesboro.
  • First-time parents before the baby is born, or up to 3 months after the baby's birth.

How much does it cost?

Nothing! Services are free and voluntary!

How do I become a part of Healthy Famillies?

  • The Doctor or Nurse Midwife that you are seeing for prenatal care will likely tell you about the program. If not, ask them to complete the forms for Healthy Families.
  • After receiving the forms from your physician/midwife, a Healthy Families staff member will call you to schedule your first home visit.
  • A Family Resource Specialist will help you identify what your strengths and needs are in becoming a new parent
  • If the program fits your needs, your Family Support Worker will begin meeting with you in your home.

Healthy Familiesreceives funding and support from:

  • Augusta Medical Center
  • Central Shenandoah Health District
  • Healthy Families Virginia
  • Prevent Child Abuse Virginia
  • Rockingham Memorial Hospital
  • VA Department of Social Services (TANF)
  • Shenandoah Valley Social Services

What participants say about Healthy Families of the Blue Ridge:

"Your Family Resource Specialist helped me
identify where my needs are as a new mom, and connected me to resources in the
community that addressed my concerns.

"You help us problem solve questions we don’t
think to ask.

"Your Family Support Worker is a support, helper, somebody you
can trust and talk to about anything.

"Your program has helped me be the mom I am

"She is willing to work around my schedule."

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