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Quilts of Comfort

Augusta Health Hospice of the Shenandoah is your local, non-profit hospice serving terminally ill patients and their families in Staunton, Waynesboro, and Augusta County.

Hospice is a service to people who have been diagnosed with a life threatening illness, with the focus on pain management and symptom control. Some patients lack a caregiver and need quality care at the very end of life. At Augusta Health Hospice of the Shenandoah, we have our own assisted living facility, the Shenandoah House, that provides our patients with that level of care.

Many in our community lack the financial means to pay for this type of assistance. We offer them "gifted care" if they qualify for the support. We actively fundraise in order to continue offering gifted care to those in need. As we look back on the results of past successful events, we thank everyone who donated, supported, and truly bid with their heart on the beautifully quilted items from our community. Many lives were touched by the generosity of everyone and these contributions made a difference. One thing was evident through it all… LOVE and compassion for others!