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Patient Stories

The staff at Augusta Health always puts your health care first

We pride ourselves in providing advanced technologies and services with a personal touch and concern for you and your family. Below are patient stories that exemplify the level of care we strive for at Augusta Health.

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Regaining Independence

After only a few months of therapy, I'm able to walk up stairs now, and that's something I never would have imagined back in November.

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I feel totally like a different person. I trust Dr. Brammer, and I'd do it again if I needed it.  

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They’re just so great there — you feel they’re doing everything just for you even though they have all of these patients to deal with  

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Although he still has some lifting restrictions, he is now able to walk and sit without pain.  

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He's inside a clear-glass hyperbaric oxygen chamber with a nurse just outside, and he occasionally has to "pop" his ears to keep them clear, as if he's deep sea diving.  

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Within a few weeks, and with the help of her therapists, Carter, a tennis enthusiast, was on the court, racquet in hand.  

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Mary OlsonShe knew a regular exercise regimen could help maintain and increase muscle strength. Her end goal: keep her independence and stay out of that wheelchair.  

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