Augusta Health Medical House Call Program

Our goal is simple, to keep you healthy and at home. If you are no longer able to make it to your doctor's office for medical care and your doctor cannot visit you at home, we may be able to help.

The Medical House Call Program provides primary health care services to homebound adults who cannot otherwise access office-based medical care. We provide comprehensive care with the goal of avoiding unnecessary and expensive emergency room visits, hospitalizations, and specialty care.

Medical house call programs are gaining credibility and usage nationwide as studies show Medicare cost savings and improved quality of care for elderly patients as well as those with severe mobility issues.

Our program strives to:

  • Support the homebound patients of local primary care providers
  • Reduce emergency room visits and hospital readmission rates
  • Ensure appropriate nursing home placements
  • Improve the coordination of transitional care from the hospital to home and vice versa

Program Details

How do I enter the House Call Program?

  1. If you think you need our help, discuss this with your medical doctor first.
  2. A phone call to our office by you or your doctor will get things started. Our staff will determine if you are right for the program. If you are in the hospital the medical team there will help you with arrangements.
  3. Next, we will need a signed agreement by you and your doctor requesting entry into the program.
  4. If you are entered into the program we then begin your care with an initial house call.

Who will provide my medical care?

You will be cared for by our House Call Team. A physician will be directly responsible for your care but assisted by other clinicians as needed. The team will arrange for any additional services that will help with your medical care at home.

Program Terms

  • The house call team will assume all primary care responsibilities.
  • The types of care provided will include acute and chronic disease management, and needed assessments.
  • There will be 24 hour/7 day per week medical coverage by phone.
  • House calls will be provided by appointment 9am - 4pm Monday through Friday.
  • Urgent visits will be made as soon as possible.
  • For a new patient or upon any hospital discharge, a house call will be made within 2 working days.

Discharge from the program will occur if:

  1. Patient is no longer homebound by Medicare rules.
  2. Patient or power of attorney of patient requests discharge.

Upon discharge from the program, every attempt will be made to return the patient to the care of their previous primary care provider along with a summary of their care while in the program.

What Does This Service Cost?

We accept Medicare and secondary insurance payment. Other options of payment will be considered in certain circumstances. Insurance deductibles and co-payments for medical services are handled in the same manner as a trip to a physician's office.

Need an appointment with an Augusta Medical Group Provider?

(833) AHC-HLTH

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Monday–Friday 7:00am–6:00pm

Augusta Health Transitional Care

57 N Medical Park Dr
Fishersville, VA 22939

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