Patient Entrance and Lightpost BannerA brand is a person's perception or awareness of a product, service or company. It comes from a collection of things, ranging from critical analysis or first-hand experience to an overheard conversation or just a feeling. Organizations use many tools to express their brand in ways they hope will make a lasting impression. A name, logo, principal messages, visual triggers, and consistent images are important elements of a brand. The true brand, however, emerges from an organization's mission, the worth of its products and services, the character of its employees, and the strength of its culture and personality.

A brand determines loyalty.

These guidelines will help you shape your communications and create the voice of Augusta Health. Use them to direct and measure all your messages, publications, correspondence and presentations, both internally and externally. Applied correctly and diligently, these guidelines will help you speak for all of us at Augusta Health – as one team with one voice.

Our goal is to create a distinctive, credible and sustainable experience for our clients, in order to gain their loyalty and to grow our business.