Walbaum and Myriad Pro font families are recommended for use as support typography for advertising, marketing publications, signage, point-of-sale, etc. They have been chosen for their compatibility with the Augusta Health logo. All weights (regular, bold) and styles (italic, bold italic) may be used. The consistent use of these recommended fonts helps establish typography as a recognizable brand identity element while reinforcing a unified family appearance among communication materials.

Arial and Times may be used as substitutes for Myriad Pro and Walbaum in non-design programs or applications. Arial is the preferred text font for use in office form templates.

Within the recommended support font families, there are a variety of typesetting treatments that will create a unique message appearance. Many options can be created by mixing Walbaum with Myriad Pro: upper and lower case, all lower case, all upper case, italics, bold and light, and regular, variable point sizes, etc. These type treatments can help create an interesting, dynamic look. Avoid using type treatments that affect the readability of the type, such as rendering type in 3D with shadows and highlights or distorting the type to fit into a given area.