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Medical oncology is the specialty of internal medicine that deals with the diagnosis, management, and treatment of cancer. Hematology is a sub-specialty of internal medicine studying blood disorders, separate from, but often overlapping with the specialty of medical oncology.

Preparing a chemotherapy infusionOur board certified medical oncologists/hematologists are physicians who have specialized knowledge of all aspects of the treatment of cancer and blood diseases including chemotherapy, biotherapy, blood product transfusion, and cancer vaccines.

At the Augusta Health Cancer Center, medical oncologists manage the care of cancer patients by routinely collaborating with other physicians, including radiation oncologists and surgeons to determine the optimal treatment plan to offer the patient the best possible outcome.

We approach Oncology care the way it should be, centered around you.

An individualized approach translates into the patient feeling more involved in the decision-making process, in control of the treatment plan, and provides many benefits, including:

  • Care team Partnerships: Every time the patient schedules a clinic visit there will be a stable and constant doctor-nurse duo that will work together and care for the patient.
  • Added convenience: Instead of going from one appointment to the next, the patient stays in one room and is visited by the entire care team (lab visit, provider visit, navigator, patient teaching, social worker and dietitian).
  • Patient peace-of-mind: The patient can expect same day symptom management appointments when the need arises whether it is pain, high-fever, uncontrolled nausea. For simple problems a dedicated telephone triage RN will be available to answers questions and deal quickly with medication re-fills.
  • Deeper and more meaningful communication: Sometimes a visit requires longer quality-of-life conversations. An Augusta Health provider with extra training with additional certifications in palliative care and geriatric medicine can have these talks with the patient.
  • Less stress and greater trust: Patient access to doctors and nurses is not a problem since they all live right here in the local community and Augusta Health is their primary practice. Scheduling is fast, easy and automatic, so patients are not waiting for long periods of time in between visits.

Augusta Health uses innovative chemotherapy treatments and delivery methods, and plans for any side effects right from the start. Tests like tumor molecular profiling help the hospital identify the right drug combination for the patient's cancer type and avoid unnecessary toxicity.