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Lung Cancer Screening

The sooner you screen, the sooner we treat.

The 5-year survival rate of lung cancer is less than 20%. But when detected early and the disease is limited to the lungs, that survival rate jumps to over 55%. However, only 16% of cases are diagnosed at an early stage1, that's why it's crucial for longtime smokers to screen for lung cancer. Even if you don't have any symptoms, you may still be at risk. Be on the safe side. Screen early and improve your chances for survival.

Am I at risk? Find out

Low-Dose CT Screenings: The easiest way to catch lung cancer early

With Low-Dose CT Screenings (LDCT), lung cancer can be detected and treated in its earliest stage. Studies have shown a 14-20% decrease in lung cancer mortality in high-risk patients who had yearly LDCT screening.1

See how easy, fast, and painless it can be.

Low Dose CT is used to detect Lung Cancer at an early, most treatable stage
A group effort, for better care

Augusta Health is committed to open communication across disciplines to provide care. This means our thoracic patients benefit from other service lines— resulting is an easier, improved patient experience.

Advanced technology with a personalized touch

Patients can be diagnosed and treated in one place. We offer a full range of pulmonary function testing capabilities, including:

· Spirometry to measure lung volumes
· Carbon monoxide diffusion studies
· Pre- and post-exercise studies
· Arterial blood gas studies
· Simple pulse oximetry
· Bronchoscopy tools to help determine a diagnosis and treatment options

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Sources: 1 American Lung Association