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Patient Experience

Amanda Sheets and her daughters"It's kind of strange and I hate to say this, but I missed going...treatment became my new routine. I missed the receptionists, the nurses, the doctors and how well they took care of me."

Amanda Sheets, Breast Cancer Survivor since 2013

Jane Hammond with her dog"I just wasn't bouncing back," she says. "Mentally, I wanted to be walking, but physically, I lacked the energy and strength. Even worse, I began to feel like I would never get to where I wanted to be." Hammond became one of the first patients to utilize a new program from Augusta Health called Strength After Breast Cancer (SABC), a physical therapy regimen developed at the University of Pennsylvania about five years ago. "I'm feeling more and more like the person I used to be before breast cancer, my mobility is very improved. I'm so grateful for Augusta Health and this program."

Jane Hammond, Breast Cancer Survivor since 2012
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