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Lymphedema Therapy

The certified lymphedema therapists at Augusta Health utilize the Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT) approach to lymphedema. This approach includes two phases of treatment. Phase I is clinic based, while Phase II is home-based, where individuals continue their management process. The goal of the Lymphedema Management Clinic is to teach individuals to successfully manage and control their lymphedema independently. Learn more about our Lymphedema Therapy program

Strength After Breast Cancer

A physical therapy program designed to help breast cancer survivors thrive after treatment, the Strength After Breast Cancer program has several components based on a "start low, progress low" system that gradually increases exercise and strength. Women must be already in recovery from breast cancer, so that surgery or chemo doesn't wipe out any gains, and it doesn't matter how long they've been in remission. The program combines education, physical activity, strength training and endurance exercise. These are all geared toward progressively increasing strength and lowering the risk of lymphedema, or swelling in the arms and legs often associated with breast cancer due to removal of lymph nodes as part of the treatment. Depending on how patients schedule the sessions, they can complete the program in about a month, or stretch appointments out to six weeks. While in the program, they have free access to the hospital's fitness facilities.

Cancer Rx Medical Fitness

Augusta Health's cancer treatment program provides comprehensive care, down to a personalized fitness routine that helps patients fight fatigue, keep valuable muscle mass, and increase range of motion. The key is focusing on each person's needs. We create a safe exercise program that's tailored to each participant, based on the results of his or her health evaluation, his or her specific treatment plan, and any contraindications that might be present. In addition to Cancer Fitness instruction, patients can take group classes like yoga, Pilates or Tai Chi for Cancer Recovery.

The program was created to provide a smooth transition from treatment to recovery, and also to address many of the types of physical and emotional challenges that crop up during cancer care. Gentle exercise can lower the risk of anxiety or depression, lessen nausea, increase muscle strength and even improve blood flow, which reduces the incidence of blood clots. The exercises offered focus on improving muscle tone and increasing stamina, vital for improving a patient's quality of life, especially during treatments that can zap strength and energy.

More information is available through Augusta Health Fitness Medical Programming.