RN Residency Program

The transition of the new nurse from nursing student to professional nurse is challenging. At Augusta Health we recognize the need for extended clinical experiences with appropriate support systems to aide in the success of this transition. Augusta Health has all new RN graduates participate in a 6 month RN residency program.

Our comprehensive 6 month RN residency includes

Over 500 Hours of Clinical Experiences with a Dedicated Preceptor

Our dedicated preceptors have been given special training to facilitate learning in our new nurses. They will share
clinical knowledge, reinforce your technical skills, and help you develop your critical thinking. Weekly feedback from your preceptor will allow you to continue to develop your skills and build your confidence as a professional nurse.

Over 125 Hours of Classroom Education

Augusta Health residents receive over 125 hours of classroom and skills lab education. Specialty areas will receive additional classroom material relevant to their area. This includes a lecture series with expert speakers on diabetic teaching, wound care, and management of the acute patient.

Individualized Orientation

The assessment of participant╩╝s strengths and areas for growth will be used to individualize their orientation plan. During the residency program, independent course progression will occur with feedback from the resident, preceptor, and educator.

Monthly Group Discussion

You will be given an opportunity to meet with other participants and the nurse facilitator to participate in a safe open forum. Open discussions will include sharing your experiences to assist in developing coping methods in dealing with stresses associated with being an RN.

Individualized Rotation for All Appropriate Hospital Areas

As part of your clinical experiences, you will be given the opportunity for observational experiences on units, applicable to your unit role.

Residency Service Lines


  • Acute care
  • Post acute care


  • Perioperative
  • Postoperative

Critical Care

  • Telemetry
  • Intensive Care Unit
  • Emergency Room

Maternal Child

Behavioral Health