Chronic Disease Self-Management

Chronic diseases—such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes—are the leading causes of death and disability in the United States. Chronic diseases account for 7 out of 10 deaths among Americans each year. These diseases also cause major limitations in daily living for one-fourth of people with chronic conditions. Although chronic diseases are among the most common and costly health problems, they are also among the most preventable.

Adopting healthy behaviors such as eating nutritious foods, being physically active, and avoiding tobacco use can prevent or control the devastating effects of these diseases. Treatment accounts for more than 75% of the $trillion spent annually on medical costs in U.S. (

Do you or a family member have a chronic illness, or combination of chronic illnesses, such as asthma, arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure or cholesterol, lung disease or heart disease? Do you experience stress and anxiety, difficult emotions, pain, depression and/or fatigue? In January, Community Wellness will offer the You Can! Live Well, Virginia! Chronic Disease Self-Management (CDSM) program to the community and we want you to join us. The program will assist you to self manage your condition and take charge of your life.

Various topics covered include:

  1. Techniques to deal with problems such as frustration, fatigue, pain and isolation
  2. Appropriate exercise for maintaining and improving strength, flexibility, and endurance
  3. Appropriate use of medications
  4. Communicating effectively with family, friends and health professionals
  5. Nutrition
  6. How to evaluate new treatments

The workshop is an evidence based program developed by Kate Lorig, Dr.P.H. and the Stanford Patient Education Research Center. People who participate in the program feel better, are less limited by their illness, and may spend less time at the doctor or in the hospital. It will be taught by two RN Health Educators from Community Wellness of Augusta Health, who received their training from Stanford University Trainers, through the Virginia Department of Health.

If you would like to participate, please contact Community Wellness: Dana Breeding, RN, (540)-332-4988 or (540)-932-4988.