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Gain Independence from Tobacco (GIFT)

GIFT Program: Gain Independence From Tobacco

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These programs are for anyone who seriously wants to quit tobacco use, including smokeless tobacco. GIFT offers many techniques to handle the urge to smoke. Participants may utilize nicotine replacement treatments. Graduates leave the programs with confidence to stay smoke free. Classes are offered several times a year and individual consultation is also available.

A Certified Tobacco Specialist Teaches the structured six-session GIFT program, which is offered throughout the year. The course is appropriate for both smokers and smokeless tobacco users, with attention to individual needs.

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So, you know you need to quit smoking and it is bad for your heath. The real question is how? The GIFT program will help you examine how and why you smoke in order to create your own individual plan to quit. A challenging area in quitting tobacco is staying quit. You will learn techniques to deal with hour-to-hour triggers, day-to-day aggravations of life and the unexpected events life throws your way. Learning new coping mechanisms, instead of relying on tobacco, is the heart of the program

Smokers and smokeless tobacco users quit through various methods. The quit method one chooses is just as individual as the person. The instructor will help you examine methods you tried in the past and reflect on why they did not work. To achieve success this time, the instructor will help you explore new options in quitting. The GIFT behavior modification course can be used in conjunction with nicotine replacement therapy or prescription medications.

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