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National Kids Day (August)

August 7th is National Kids Day which was created by the children's crisis charity KidsPeace to give America an opportunity to celebrate childhood; to demonstrate our commitment to nurturing children; to inspiring our nation, our communities, and our families to love and appreciate children; and to prepare our children for a healthy, happy, successful future. Recognized by the US Congress, National KidsDay encourages adults to spend meaningful time with America's children. In this way, we can build a nation of strong, resilient, happy children who know that they are loved by caring adults and can enjoy just being kids. Children have asked their parents and guardians why we celebrate "Mother's Day" and "Father's Day" but not "Kid's Day". National KidsDay fills the gap and seeks to provide a reminder of children's year-round need for meaningful time and interactions with adults.

The goals of National KidsDay are: To create awareness of children's value and needs year-round by focusing on a yearly celebration on the national calendar, to change the way America looks at and treats its children, and to create a world where children can find safety, love, trust and the freedom to grow and be a child.

National KidsDay is a special holiday in which you are asked to spend time, not money. KidsPeace has developed a few ways to celebrate which include:

  • Family Scavenger Hunt: On National KidsDay morning, slip note cards under everyone's pillow to start the scavenger hunt. Direct them where to go for a trail of treats and promises. Hide special goodies and notes around the house. Promise notes can be something simple such as "You can stay up late to watch a movie" or "You can decide where we eat tonight". Save them and redeem these promise coupons, spreading the togetherness.
  • Neighborhood Carnival: Get together with other families in the neighborhood to plan a National KidsDay carnival. Have the kids organize games and events such as: bucket toss, face painting, beanbag toss, crafts, etc. Play a friendly game of tug of war, wheelbarrow races, or egg-on-spoon race. Remember to partner grown-ups with children.
  • Down Memory Lane: Relax with the kids and enjoy looking through old childhood photographs of you growing up and the kids as they've grown up. Share your favorite memories and activities you enjoyed as a child. Take pictures on National KidsDay and start to organize a scrapbook with you children.

Article provided by Stephanie Monger, Intern from James Madison University working with Community Outreach.