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How to Make a Face Mask from Surgical Drape

Our community has been incredible, offering to support us with hand-sewn masks and other donations. The Augusta Health Incident Command and Infection Control teams have identified a pattern for making masks from surgical drape that would be the most beneficial to our frontline team members.

These may be more complicated to make than regular surgical masks, but they will more closely resemble the N95 masks that are most effective against this virus. Surgical drape cannot be penetrated by water, bacteria, or particles. It effectively blocks 99.9% of particulates and can be sterilized.



The surgical drape material can be obtained through the Augusta Health Foundation staff. Please contact the Foundation Office at (540) 332-5174 or ahfoundation [at] if you would be interested in making these masks for the hospital system out of provided material. We are so grateful for your support and generosity!