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Inpatient Liaison

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve, keeping the lines of communication open between staff, our patients, and their families is needed now, more than ever. To assist, Patient Liaisons are available to help patients to make meaningful connections with their families as well as with hospital staff. A Liaison helps to ensure that patients and their families receive the information that they need by connecting them with the professionals that can provide it. They can also offer the ability for patients and their families to connect over video conference to give them some much needed face time.

Liaison duties include:

  1. Communicating with families of patients identified as needing assistance.
  2. Provide a warm point of contact for families, and assist patients with the same.
  3. Helping to identify ways of improving communication by connecting families with staff members/providers when needed.
  4. Help organizing ways for patient to remain connected with their families during hospitalizations through technology.

How do I connect with an Inpatient Liaison?

  1. Staff can help to identify those who many need the assistance of a Liaison through their daily rounding.
  2. Patients can request to speak with a Liaison.
  3. Families can request involvement of a Liaison by calling (540) 332-4569