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Making a headband with buttons from knit fabric

nurse wearing hairband with a maskGreat for use with elastic masks that hurt the ears of hospital workers

  1. Cut knit fabric 18 x 6 inches (for fabrics with less stretch cut 20 x 6). This can be done from a knit top or tshirt.
  2. Fold the long sides together (right sides together) for a 18 x 3 inch and sew 3/8 inch seam. Turn inside out.
  3. Center the seam and iron so seam will be on the underside of headband. Just looks nicer that way.
  4. Fold aligning both ends. Fold the ends together in half.
  5. You should have four layers of the headband folded together at the ends.
  6. Sew with 3/8 seam. No need to finish ends.
  7. Turn right side out. Your end seams will now be hidden.
  8. Fold headband to find front center. Measure 4 inches from center on each side and mark for button placement.
  9. Attach ¾" – 1" button to headband where marked.