COVID-19 & Flu: Get the latest information

COVID-19 & Flu

Illustration of community members in bubbles floating near each otherWhile the most important priority for our community is to stay home and practice social distancing, many people are still looking for ways they can help. To ensure the safety of those donating supplies, our caregivers and patients, Augusta Health Foundation is coordinating these donations. Here are some of the ways you can help your local hospital and the community:

Items needed

  • Hand-sanitizer
  • Masks: N95, surgical, medical, dust masks, or hand-sewn masks
  • Face shields
  • Gloves: non-latex

How to make a donation

  • Drop off: Please take items needed to the white panel donation truck, parked in front of the Business Office, which is located in the back of the hospital, across from the loading dock.
  • To make a financial contribution: Please Give Online or send to the Augusta Health Foundation at: PO Box 1000, Fishersville, VA 22939

Do you sew?

  • Cloth Mask Pattern: We still need masks made from cotton fabric for use by caregivers, staff, and patients. We want all Augusta Health personnel and patients to be safe and protected during this time!
  • Headband with buttons: Masks can hook over the buttons to relieve stress on the ears.

Do you have a 3D printer?

  • Surgical mask tension release band: The National Institute for Health has approved a tension release band for use by healthcare employees. It helps by relieving pressure on the ears, when a mask is work for extended periods of time.