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Emergency Department Visitor and Patient Liaison

If you are at least 18 years old, have a dynamic personality and are interested in gaining medical and communication experience, our Emergency Department is looking for you! Our ED is expanding its care team of volunteers with the addition of an Emergency Department Visitor and Patient Liaison. This position will assist the current staff by improving the experience for our patients and their family members and friends. This person will provide comfort by keeping the patient's family members up-to-date on the patient's condition. This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in a career in the medical field to get hands-on experience by helping patients and their families.

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Our first Emergency Department Visitor and Patient Liaison, Alexis Crouse sat down with us and answered some questions about why she loves volunteering in our ED.

Why did you choose to volunteer in our Emergency Department?

I love medicine and I hope to be a doctor one day and I love the team I work with in the ED.

What are your career plans and how does this position help you get there?

I'm going to join the Air Force and this position helps with my communication and people skills.

What is your favorite part of being a Visitor and Patient Liaison?

I enjoy making people happy by simply offering them a drink or a chair. I also really like helping free up the staff's time by helping with the little tasks.

How have you seen you position impacting patients and families in our ED?

I can always tell how surprised and pleased family members are just by my introduction of what I do and if they need something, they can stop me as I'm walking around.

Alexis Crouse outside the Emergency Department entrance

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