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Gain Independence from Tobacco (GIFT)

Begin Your Journey to Stop Smoking or Using Smokeless Tobacco. To quit tobacco, you must first examine how and why you use tobacco, and then create an individual quit plan. Guidelines and recommendations are given by a Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist. Don't let fear keep you from quitting.

Participants do not have to be tobacco free to begin the class.

Session #1

People have to examine for themselves why they are ready to quit, and make that decision. In order to be successful at quitting smoking, each individual must study their own habit and what cues them throughout the day to smoke. They also have to further build their motivation for quitting.

Session #2

Most people can quit using tobacco; it is the staying quit that is difficult. The reason people go back to smoking is because they weren't ready for a circumstance or situation. Planning ahead for tough situation is crucial. We also learn what to do to deal with urges.

Session #3

Q-Day. Most quitters are anxious about quit day. Former smokers come to speak regarding how they coped with the first few weeks of quitting.

Session #4

Support is needed so finding a support system at work and at home is essential. Find out how your body will start having 'recovery symptoms" that shows it returning to its healthy state.

Session #5

Weight gain is usually a concern for all that quit smoking. Choosing healthy low-cal snacks is essential to prevent this. Learn to deal with stress by other means besides smoking. Also, start seeing yourself as a non-smoker: your new image.

Session #6

When former smokers adopt another healthy lifestyle like exercise, it helps prevent weight gain and is another activity to help stay smoke free. Also, learn how to communicate assertively with friends, co-workers and family. We also cover relapse prevention, so you can stick to your decision to be smoke free. Celebrate!!!!! Feel great about what you are doing for your health.

Session #7

(optional) The journey of human behaviors with faith.


Please contact Dana Breeding, RN, BSN, CTTS, Certified tobacco treatment specialist at (540) 332-4988 if you have interest in attending.


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Reasonable accommodations are provided upon request. Please provide two weeks’ notice when requesting an interpreter.