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Fitness Programs

The Fitness Staff is dedicated to helping you achieve a more physically active lifestyle. Our team is happy to help answer any questions or concerns and provide fitness tips and demonstrations. Regardless of your current fitness level, we'll work to keep your workouts fun and challenging.

Health Evaluations

MicroFit Health Evaluation

Our Microfit health evaluation assesses resting heart rate, blood pressure, cardiovascular endurance, body composition, muscular strength and endurance, and flexibility. Results show how your fitness level compares with others of the same gender and age.

MicroFit Alternative Health Evaluation

An Alternative Health Evaluation is a health evaluation for anyone 60–95 years old. During an Alternative Health Evaluation you will be measured on the following: Resting Blood Pressure, Resting Heart Rate, Height, Weight, Upper Body Flexibility, Lower Body Flexibility, Agility and Balance, Upper Body Strength Lower Body Strength, and Cardiovascular Endurance.


Members have the opportunity to complete an orientation with a member of our Fitness Staff to familiarize individuals with the facility and to have equipment and exercise demonstrations. Your orientation can encompass whatever areas of exercise interest you, whether that's weight lifting, strength or functional training, cardiovascular exercise, or any combination of these. Dress in comfortable fitness clothing and closed toed shoes and be prepared to go through your workout program.

Contact the Front Desk to schedule an appointment at your convenience at (540) 332-5433.