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Aquatic Classes


All of these classes have a big emphasis on cardio, but also incorporate strength and balance movements without stress on the joints. No Swimming Required.

Aqua Express

This is a quick, pure cardio class! The movements within this class are great for aerobic exercise and toning. 45 min

Aqua Power

This cardio respiratory workout is aerobically challenging with powerful movements. Includes some strengthening exercises as well. 55 min.

Deep Water Conditioning

Suspended deep water aqua workout using Aqua Jogging belts. 55 min.

Aqua Lite

Light cardio workout as well as flexibility training in the therapy pool. Great for those with medical conditions. 45 min.

Balance & Flexibility

Range of Motion (ROM)

These full body workouts will move you in all directions, giving you better flexibility and a fuller range of motion. Perfect for those with arthritis or other chronic conditions, or those rehabilitating injuries. 45 min.