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Specialty Studio Classes


Yoga Basics

New to yoga? This is the class for you!! This class will take an instructional approach to each Yoga pose. It will also introduce props such as bolsters, blocks and straps and benefits of using them. Even if you have been practicing for a while, this class may help create a deeper awareness in a non-judgmental environment.

Gentle Flow

New to Yoga or just want a gentle alternative to your regular workout routine? In a safe, inviting and relaxing atmosphere, students will learn the benefits of yoga with easy vinyasa sequences. This class incorporates basic yoga asana (postures), proper yogic breathing, and relaxation techniques that will benefit you! This is an excellent introduction for new students and also great for the experienced student looking to fine tune their practice.

Intermediate / Advanced Flow

Ready to step your Yoga practice up a notch? You have come to the right class. Students will work on synchronizing mind, breath and body, while allowing you to challenge your strength, flexibility and focus on a deeper level. This class is not for beginners.

Power Vinyasa Flow

A fitness-based approach to Vinyasa style flow. In a power yoga class, students will build strength, flexibility and concentration while cleansing the body and calming the mind. You can expect a great cardiovascular and strength building workout combined with breath work. A great class for experienced Yoga students.


Core training exercise originating from Joseph Pilates, designed to strengthen the core and surrounding areas and lengthen the spine!! 45 minutes

Chi Kung

Chinese Health Exercise. Movements from the five-element form are performed slowly and are very easy on the joints of the body. Chi is the energy state of living things. Kung is any training or study with Chi that takes time and effort. We are offering beginning, intermediate and advanced classes at this time.

Tai Chi

Balanced walking techniques and slow movements with controlled stances. Tai Chi offers gentle warm-ups and stretches and is great for those recovering from illnesses or injuries. Free to all memberships. We offer advanced tai chi as well as specialty classes for cancer, diabetes and arthritis.

Martial Arts

Okinawan Karate, a defensive art steeped in tradition, discipline, history and culture of the fourteenth century. Taught by Grandmaster Tom Muncy. Students will learn the discipline forms and develops coordination, internal discipline, physical stamina, mental alertness, increased awareness, and confidence in their ability to defend them. Beginner and Intermediate classes available! Cost is $55 per month for members & $85 per month for nonmembers. Please see membership to register.


Chair Exercise

A class designed to help with range of motion, flexibility, and strength while in contact with a chair. Come enjoy a great exercise program! Length-45 minutes

TRX Suspension Training

A US Navy Seal designed a suspension training strap to use as a tool for training soldiers in the field. TRX is an incredible body weight suspension training tool that can be adjusted to meet the needs of a beginner as well as an advanced fitness level.

*Pre-requisite for class: Must be able to hold a strong plank for 1 minute in order to begin the class.

Fall Proof

This class is offered by the exercise specialists. They will work on helping you improve your balance, coordination and strength. You do need to register for this class at the front desk prior to the first session. $5 for members, $10 for non-members.

Circuit Training


This is a 30 minute workout consisting of 10 - 2 minute stations and 30 second ACTIVE transitions. You will use a variety or equipment from Punching Bags to Battle Ropes. This class will have you moving from the very beginning. There is no traditional warm up in this class. Please warm up briefly before class or use the first station as your warm up.