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Medical Programming

Michael Campbell working with a memberWe offer several prescription exercise programs for individuals who want to exercise but may have special needs, chronic conditions or physical limitations. These may include but are not limited to individuals with chronic illnesses such as stable cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes, severe obesity, pulmonary disease and/or orthopedic limitations. The program is also available to those who have been recently discharged from outpatient physical therapy, outpatient cardiac rehab or other disciplines within Augusta Health or surrounding areas. These programs are designed to educate the participants while teaching self-monitoring skills and moving them towards independent exercise.

Please contact:

Michael Campbell
Medical Fitness Lead
mcampbell [at]
(540) 332-5527

Medical Fitness Programs

RxEX Program (Land or Aqua)

This is a monitored medical program by provider referral only. Once you are referred by your provider, you will take part in an 8 week program, exercising with our qualified staff twice per week. You will also receive pre & post health evaluations to see your improvements throughout the program. Exercise sessions are conducted in a 2 to 1 ratio, with the focus on meeting your goals. Each workout is created specifically with your needs in mind. Participants in this program are also eligible to utilize Augusta Health Fitness throughout the 8 week program. This program is conducted either in our medical fitness exercise area or the heated therapy pool.

RxEX Cancer

The Prescription Cancer Exercise Program, also known as the Cancer RxEX Program, is an 8 week program available to members of the community who have had or currently have Cancer. The program is designed to improve a person's stamina, strength, and fitness needs through monitored exercise. Each participant will receive a pre and post-program evaluation to monitor progression and success throughout the program. Participants will also meet with a Certified Cancer Specialist twice a week to be assisted with an individual workout routine. If you are currently undergoing treatment or have had treatment within the past 6 months at Augusta Health, the program fee is waived.

Lynae working with a memberRxEX Joint Prehab

The prescription exercise joint prehab program, also known as the RxEX Joint Prehab program is a 4 week program. This 4 week program is designed specifically for those scheduled for joint replacement surgery. An individual workout program will be created for each participant, with emphasis on strengthening the muscles around the joint being replaced. Communication with the participant's physician ensures the workout routine is safe and effective. Participants are also able to utilize the fitness center for an additional 4 weeks after completing their sessions.


To enroll in any of the RxEX Programs, please stop by Membership Services to receive a referral form to take to your physician. Or call Membership Services (540) 332-5843 and provide your name, date of birth, physicians name and fax number, and the staff will gladly send the referral form for you. Once the referral form is returned from your physician's office, Membership Services staff will call you to begin enrollment.

Transition Programs

Once discharged from therapy, you have the option to continue your exercise routine at Augusta Health Fitness. You may enter our Medical Programming through provider referral, or begin your own workout program. Our Fitness Exercise Specialists will provide a full equipment orientation and answer your questions. Transition Programs are available in one-, two-, or three-month memberships without having to commit to a year's membership. Contact a Membership Services Representative at (540) 332-5843 for more details.

Specialty Classes for Individuals with Chronic Ailments

Augusta Health Fitness offers several specialty group classes for individuals who want low impact exercise but may have special needs or chronic conditions. These include Tai Chi for Arthritis, Range of Motion in the pool, and chair exercises. These classes are also available to those who have been recently discharged from therapy, or other disciplines.