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Member Testimonials

Eddie working with a Lifetime Fitness memberEddie's mix of encouragement and humor brings me to the gym, even on the days I just don't think I can. With Eddie's help, I have made huge strides towards the fit lifestyle and the healthier me that I envisioned. I see substantial improvement in my stamina, strength, and overall energy level. So far, I have lost 46lbs and 6 dress sizes. I still have a ways to go on my journey to fitness, but I know Eddie's smile and his steady insistence that I can and will do it will help me stay on the path to get there.

Brian Lacy working with a Lifetime Fitness memberI approached Brian Lacy to be my personal trainer after completing the RxEX cancer program at Augusta Fitness. I also have had two hip replacements. Brian was recommended to be a very experienced trainer, and I knew he had certifications in several areas of exercise. Brian designed and coached me in a challenging and varied set of exercises during our sessions, and he has provided workouts I can do at home. I have seen significant improvements in my strength and stamina, and his regimen of exercises has also addressed my long-standing issues with gait and posture. Our sessions are never boring, and always challenging!

Sarah working with a Lifetime Fitness member in the poolSarah works with me in the pool as well as on the floor. The thing that I like the best is that she plans varied activities, so personal training is different every week. She also makes sure to provide a balance of different types of activities such as cardiovascular, strength and resistance, flexibility and core, and balance. This keeps personal training interesting and fun. Sarah's encouragement and support has motivated me to work harder than I would if I was working out on my own and has helped me to achieve my goals. Signing up for personal training was one of the best gifts I could give myself!