Survey Results

This survey was conducted in September 2013.

1. The 11:30am – 1:30pm time frame for the Forum is

4 Too long
17 Just right

2. Name one thing that keeps you coming back to the Forum meetings:

  • Updates and networking contact with peers
  • Free lunch
  • Issues that affect health, safety and projects
  • My schedule
  • Being able to promote programs
  • Learning about community resources and what is happening in each group
  • Variety of interesting timely topics and speakers
  • The community approach and ability to share messages to varying audiences
  • Connecting with others
  • Different programs than I get at other groups, a chance to see people who are in a similar field, rather than scattered across many diverse professions
  • Good information from the community resources that can ultimately help all our clients
  • Connection with peers and collaborative opportunities

3. "Networking" (getting to know and hear from others) is important to many.

a. The planned time for Networking at Forum meetings is

0 Too long
6 Not long enough
15 Just right


Is there time for actual interaction? I enjoy hearing each new person's name and organization, but then don't get a chance to interact with them. The seating is such that it is difficult to move around. I do like the time for members to make announcements.

b. The room arrangements for Networking before and after the featured program are

1 Too formal
1 Too informal
15 Just right


  • A little tough to move around among the tables, but if there were more time to talk in the back that would still be OK
  • A little tight especially around the poles
  • The rows of tables and chairs are too close together; there's no room to get in or out once people sit down, so there's no opportunity to 'stop over' at another table before or after. Keep the tables and chairs and both screens, but perhaps put them in a semi-circle with space for people to walk between each row.
  • It is tight in some rows to talk with those in the middle

4. Name one thing that could improve the Forum meetings

  • Maybe some roundtable discussions on topics of interest to the group: then we could meet with colleagues to brainstorm ideas
  • Okay so far. However, possibly consider doing training or panel discussions in keeping with the mission of the forum. The Community Health Forum is a catalyst for meeting the physical and mental health needs of the greater Augusta region by promoting collaborative, active partnerships to sustain healthy community. Sometimes the forums I have attended seem narrowly focused.
  • Save the networking for the end of the meeting and therefore anyone needing to leave early would not miss the program.
  • Allow us input into the agenda items
  • Small group networking and interchange
  • Would prefer not to have a Friday meeting. How has this affected attendance?
  • Most of the meetings revolve around young adult and adult issues – include some meeting on children with special needs – what is the community doing to meet their needs and transitioning to adulthood?
  • At the meetings could there be a time in which people network around a subject area at each meeting? If the Forum picked certain topics each meeting on which a brief report on the current situation in our community was given then groups could break into different categories: Youth, Adult and Elder. This would give each group time to discuss the topic. It could also incorporate the data that was revealed with the current community assessment. This is a way to get the data in the community and talk about it. If you had it at the end of the meeting people could stay or leave depending if the topic interested them.
  • Perhaps have a bit of time for people to discuss the featured program in smaller groups afterward. Not a formal, count off by fours and get into a small group, just an announced time of discussion with perhaps the speaker moving from one group to another answering questions.
  • I don't like meeting on Friday
  • Strategic content on key research data areas and should reflect community impact versus just sector impact. Self serving presentations, by organizations (not including the hospital as they sponsor the program) rather than using this as a space of collaborative dialogue based presentations.
  • Cappuccino

5. If you were marketing the Forum, list 3 adjectives you would use to describe the meeting:

(10) informative; productive; interactive; (2) local; open; accessible; bi-monthly; inviting; positive; interesting; useful; great for making contacts; wonderful food; good guest topics; a gathering of community programs caring about the health and welfare of the area; a way to exchange ideas; a way to network with people of like interests; all community agencies in one room; projects for the community; good programs; (2) interactive; pleasant; positive, cooperative, educational, social; easy to follow, informal; enjoyable, timely; community-oriented, friendly; productive; build relationships with others, way to disperse information; comfortable; people are friendly, fun; fulfilling; great way to meet new people, lots of people in health care there, putting a face to a name; collaborative, energetic, tasty.

6. How are your contacts and/or information shared with others after the meeting?

  • One on one
  • (4) Emails
  • (4) Staff meetings
  • (2) Bulletin boards and announcements
  • OK – we have definitely been able to follow-up with some individuals we have met at these meetings
  • Direct calls
  • Email for clinical possibilities
  • (2) Generally meet with them and get to know what they do better. May make follow-up appointment
  • Business card
  • Only if you approach someone directly
  • I wonder because at times because I live in the Valley but manage a program somewhere else and participants are less receptive of organizations that are not located in the Valley. My organization serves children who live in the Valley with special needs.
  • With other agencies
  • Mostly the information is something I cogitate on. If it's share between coworkers, it's mostly through emails or in meetings;
  • I share my notes with my director and assistance director
  • Fairly good
  • I'm not sure but I would not email everyone forum announcements where their email addresses can be seen. People are particular about protecting their emails as some over marketing fool (like me) will export them into an email list.

7. Are there personnel/staff or topics you would like to hear at upcoming meetings?

6 Yes
0 No

If so, suggest names and/or topics:

  • Valley CSB
  • WSH
  • I think it is great to focus on one community group per meeting, gives us all a chance to get to know organization better and to let them tell us about what is happening with them
  • Would have liked some info on the grant process rather than just, "The grant material is in the back"
  • Health insurance for seniors – Jim Mahoney
  • Rashes, food allergies
  • Expert on medicate/Medicaid and how organizations that don't have to worry about these concerns could help those that do; Also, most people have clients, etc., so at some point clientele would cross reference. Remember many on disability would be in this group too.
  • Health Care Reform and the impact on the Valley.
  • Options in the Valley for Children with Special Needs – Social events
  • Option and resources for our homeless population – Project Hope
  • Perhaps some speakers who are knowledgeable in the upcoming Affordable Care Act changes that the hospital and other agencies/caregivers will probably experience in the future.
  • Substance abuse – What everyone is doing in the community with treatment, prevention, etc.
  • Brain chemistry and addiction
  • What is motivation (motivation to improve one's health, to do a good job, etc.)
  • How are 'we' doing with prevention vs. emergency/traumatic care
  • How to incorporate people with handicaps into any service organization
  • Collaborative opportunities. Roundtables by primary population served. Top challenges.
  • How can we work together to solve the problems of our clients not our organizational self-interest?
  • Youth obesity

8. If the Community Forum were to develop training sessions for a health-related issue, what topics or classes would you attend?


  • Mental health
  • ADHD
  • Domestic violence
  • Children's mental health
  • Rehabilitation and ability to help folks maintain their independence in their own homes
  • Incentives to help folks become more responsible for their self care and off public assistance
  • Not sure, something on inter-professional activities, perhaps
  • What mental health services are available to children? How do you access them? How is Augusta Health and/or someone else developing a strategy to fill the lack of services to children, if this is the case?
  • I would love to see a class on Diabetes Mellitus and how it is affecting the community. Same with obesity and smoking cessation. These are the three must concerns I have with my patients.
  • How a lack of education affects health
  • Transition of young adults to independent living in the Valley –plans and what resources are available. School options in the Valley for children with special needs. Applying for SSI and other benefits. Developing a trust fund for children with special needs. Guardianship of children with special needs. Culture in the Valley is very diverse – information around working with the different cultures within the Augusta Hospital enactment area.
  • Substance abuse
  • Gerontology – any older adult/aging issues
  • Depression – how do non-professionals help
  • Why working in a silo is not effective
  • Make your competitors your new partner to solving key problems
  • Depends
  • Corporate wellness