One Patient's Letter

The Gayers walking through a path in the woods near their homeDear Dr. Pillai, Dr. Lazaro (ER), Dr. Molnar (ER), Dr. Brent, ER Nurses/Technicians, Cardiology Cath Lab Nurses/Technicians and Chest Pain Unit Nursing Staff,

My husband Bob and I want to thank you for the excellence of care given to me during my recent hospitalization and through the many steps leading to the successful implantation of a stent in my heart artery to prevent further cardiac episodes. We are extremely grateful to you for the quality of care and professional management of my needs. I am especially indebted for the recognition of female symptoms of a cardiac problem when pain was not among the presenting symptoms.

You all kept me informed, comfortable and encouraged. I was impressed with the friendliness, professional manner and superior attention I received throughout the diagnostic measures, surgical procedures and recovery process. Every single nurse, technician and doctor met me with great understanding and patience. I never felt hurried, pressured or neglected in any way. The attention and care I received made me feel like I was the only patient at the hospital and the concern for my life was of the utmost importance. Thank you for your long years of training and sacrifice. Thank you for your kindness, and thank you for being there for me in my hour of need.

I commend with much gratitude the emergency room team and staff, the cardiology (cath) team and staff, the Chest Pain Unit team and staff and everyone in authority at Augusta Health. You are establishing an excellent team approach for healthcare. We offer our thanks to the many people who work to maintain excellence in medicine.

Bob and I especially want to commend and thank our primary care physician, Dr. Richard Miller, and our primary care nurse Fanny Miller of the Stuarts Draft Family Practice, for years of excellent medical care and attention. You are among the most dedicated, experienced and learned medical providers, and you are always there for us. Without question, you are the very best and our entire family is healthier, happier and living well because of you.

Most sincerely,
E. Michal Gayer
Bob Gayer
Stuarts Draft

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