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9 Tips for Staying in Shape with an Office Job

February 9, 2017
Published in: Fitness, Nutrition

Office desk with a computer

Staying fit when you work behind a desk 40+ hours per week can be a real challenge. To make things even worse, our lives are busier than ever and finding time to go to the gym can seem impossible. However, a sedentary lifestyle can wreak havoc on our healthy lifestyles and increase our risk of developing illness, and reduce our overall energy levels.

We decided to put together some basic steps you can implement into your busy lives to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle, even at the office.

Out with the Bad

Consuming less unhealthy food throughout the day can make a dramatic difference in not only your weight but also your overall energy levels.

Dump the Junk Food

Junk food and sodas cause your sugar levels to spike which leads to decreased energy levels.Junk food is full of highly processed sugars which causes your sugar levels to spike and then drop off a cliff, which is why you have to continue to consume sugary food and drinks throughout the day or your energy levels will suffer. Consuming too much sugary food also puts you at a higher risk for type-2 diabetes.

No More Energy Drinks

Energy drinks have continued to gain popularity but they come with a number of drawbacks, including: nervousness, jitters, mood swings, and even insomnia.

Eliminate Soda

We don't just mean regular soda either, cut out the diet stuff as well.

Regular soda is full of sugar that will cause your energy to spike and drop off rapidly. Meanwhile, diet soda has been shown to actually cause weight gain.

There are so many reasons soda is a bad idea, you're best just to stay away from all of it.

In with the Good

Instead of junk food, energy drinks, and soda, consider replacing them with these healthy alternatives.

Snacks that Help You Lose Weight

Some snacks are not only healthier, but they may actually help you burn fat as well.

Chile-spiced nuts are a great example. Though they may be higher in calories than some other snacks, their combination of fiber, protein, and healthy fats fill you up so you'll eat less throughout the day. The spice will help give your metabolism a boost so you'll burn more calories through the day in addition to eating less.

Green Tea

Replacing your morning coffee or energy drink with a healthy green tea will provide significant health benefits. Green tea has been shown to boost your immune system, prevent a number of different diseases such as high blood pressure and congestive heart failure, and some studies have even shown evidence that it improves your working-memory.

Stay Energized with Water

Staying hydrated throughout the day with water will boost your energy levels.If you need more energy to get through the day, consider sticking to a consistent plan of drinking water throughout the day to keep your body hydrated at all times.

Be Active

Just because you're working from your desk all day doesn't mean you can't find time to get your heart rate up and your blood flowing.

Park in the Back

Instead of fighting with your coworkers for the coveted parking spot right in front of the office, instead park at the rear of the parking lot and walk at a brisk pace into the office. Doing little things like this throughout the day can really add up.

Bonus: Take the stairs if you work above the ground-level!

Step Away from the Desk

Parking in the rear of the parking lot will help you get your heartbeat going and burn some additional calories.Take a 2-3 minute break every 30 minutes to walk around the office. Consider walking to your coworkers' desk to ask them that question you were going to email them about.

Sit Up Straight

Maintaining good posture on a regular basis will help strengthen your back, allows you to take deeper breaths which leads to improved focus, and even makes you look better in the process.

If long hours in the office is taking a toll on your health, the expert physicians at Augusta Health are here to help. Whether it you need help putting together a healthy diet or treating a sore back, our Primary Care team can help put together a plan to help you enjoy a happier and healthier lifestyle.