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Beat the Heat by Taking Your Exercise Routine Indoors

July 22, 2019
Published in: Fitness, Summer

Runner stretching

If you're a jogger, then the winter can be a tough time for you. Between plummeting temperatures, icy (and dangerous) roads, and fewer daylight hours - it can tough to take your exercise regimen outside. That means, when the spring gets here, you can open up wide, right? Well… not exactly. Because as spring folds into summer, the season can bring its own challenges to those of us who prefer to do our exercising outside.

Thunderstorms, excessive heat, crowded parks and lack of childcare could all be reasons that you find yourself having to keep your exercise regime indoors this summer. And whether that's a one-time or a frequent occurrence, we are here to give you some tips on how to make sure you stick to your fitness plan no matter what obstacles come your way this season.

Set up a Home Gym

Look, we get it. Not every home will have the space to convert a room into a permanent home gym - and not every family will be able to afford to. With that being said, there are a handful of items that you can invest a modest sum into that will provide you a wealth of flexibility in the kinds of exercises you can perform without having to take out a loan, add a new addition to the house, or both.

First, a yoga mat can be a great investment towards your minimalist home fitness center. Using a yoga mat can open up the door to a wide range of abdominal strength-building exercises and/or the eponymous stretching exercises - and they can be found for less than $30.

Other effective home gym items that won't take up a lot of room but still have a big impact on your fitness? A set of dumbbells can usually be found for less than $30 (depending on the weight), resistance bands ($10+), a balance ball ($10-30), and a doorway chin bar ($40). All in all, you can have your gym set up for around $100 - and you could stash it all away under a large end table.

Get a Membership to a Fitness Center

For many people, working out at a fitness center has advantages that working out at home or in the outdoors simply can't match. Generally speaking, membership to a fitness center means access to a wider range of equipment, a community with a common goal, and specialized personal training and classes to assist in you reaching those goals.

Look at our fitness center, for example. Through membership to Augusta Health Fitness Center, you'll have access to more than a dozen group exercise classes nearly every day. You will also be able to enjoy the use of our 25 meter, 6 lane fitness pool.

You can also enjoy personalized service from any of our dedicated and hard-working personal trainers, who can help you meet your goals for fitness.

Keep it Outside, but Keep it Cautious

Even if you've put together a safe place to work out at home or joined a fitness center, the allure of a morning jog may be too much to resist. Well, we are certainly not going to stop you from exercising - but we will encourage a little bit of caution.

Make sure to stay plenty hydrated when exercising in excessive heat. Drinking plenty of water is a must - but just remember that doesn't replace everything you lose when you sweat. To replace key electrolytes, consider a sports drink instead.

You will also want to do everything you can to cool your body. Don't wear any more clothes or exercise equipment than you have to, and try to prevent sunburn on your body, as that can raise your body temperature. Also, whenever possible, try to finish your routine outside of the hours when the sun is at its peak. That means wrapping up by 10 AM or not starting until after 4 PM.

Whether you are an experienced fitness guru or a complete novice, be mindful as the summer temperatures ratchet up. Everyone could use some level of guidance when they make changes to their routine. If you are interested in hearing more about the fitness programs here at Augusta Health, please reach out to us at (540) 332-5433.