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Mother and daughter looking into a pot while cooking

Eating Well at Home: Cooking With Your Kids

April 27, 2020

In our previous post by the Augusta Health Dietitians, we suggested to include the whole family in meal planning . In addition to suggesting recipes, even the kids can help with meal preparation. Here are more fun ideas that you might want to try out: Kathy Berger, RD, offered additional ideas for 'cooking with your kids". She recommended " make-your-own pizzas ." These can be made by dividing refrigerated pizza dough into 4 sections and rolling them out. Have each family member then top their pizzas with their preferred toppings and bake. Encourage creativity by offering several toppings,...Continue Reading

Heroes at Work: Redeployed Employees and New Uses for Equipment

April 24, 2020

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many Augusta Health employees are working in new roles—in preparation for a potential surge of COVID patients at Augusta Health, they have been redeployed to other areas of the hospital to support those efforts. Their skills and talents, along with their willingness to help wherever needed, has resulted in their using their work hours to make a difference in a new way. Zachary Allen, Personal Trainer from the Augusta Health Fitness Center , is one of the redeployed employees. He has been cross-training in the laundry department to assist this vital team with...Continue Reading

Older adult patient wearing a mask and getting her temperature checked

COVID-19 Asymptomatic Carriers and Antibody Tests

April 23, 2020

As experts work to slow the COVID-19 spread, they focus on issues such as learning how the virus spreads, determining who has the virus, and learning who has developed immunity. Because it's a new virus, but linked to other viruses, these answers are complex. Allison Baroco, MD, Infectious Disease Specialist at Augusta Health, and Stefanie Bartley, BSN RN an Infection Prevention Specialist, discuss two important concepts—asymptomatic carriers and antibody tests. What is an asymptomatic carrier? How many asymptomatic COVID-19 carriers do we have? "An asymptomatic carrier is someone who has...Continue Reading

Mother chopping peppers with younger daughter. Dad sauteing with older daughter.

Eating Well at Home: Plan Meals Together

April 22, 2020

So many of us are dealing with a lot of change, stress and uncertainty during this time. However, in speaking with my fellow Augusta Health Dietitians, we have all agreed upon one "silver lining"—the connections we are creating with our family members during meal time. Instead of nights full of sports practices and homework, we are sitting around the table enjoying a healthy meal and each other's company. According to Augusta Health dietitian Cheryl Miller MS, RD, "One of the first things you can do as a family is to plan the meals together. Let each family member pick a night and they get to...Continue Reading

Woman pushing on her chest with her palm

Cardiac Disease and COVID-19

April 21, 2020

Most of the attention about morbidity and mortality associated with the COVID infection has focused on lung issues, respiratory failure, and ventilator requirement. The physicians from Augusta Health Cardiology, including Medical Director Dave Varma, MD, want to make sure patients with heart disease are aware that there are some cardiovascular implications of this infection also. First, there is the tendency for patients to put off attention to heart disease and their cardiac health during the time of this pandemic. We want to emphasize that patients who are suffering from an acute heart...Continue Reading

Mother walking with a baby stroller

Healthy at Home: Exercising while Isolating

April 20, 2020

Even though our regular gyms and fitness centers are closed because of the COVID-19 pandemic, that doesn't mean we should stop exercising. Research indicates that keeping a regular, daily exercise routine—even during isolation—strengthens our immune system. Oliva Hall, Operations Manager at Augusta Health Fitness talks about staying 'Healthy at Home: Exercising while Isolating'. What are the benefits of exercise to the immune system? We all understand that exercise and fitness are part of a healthy lifestyle, and for years we've all exercised to control our weight and help reduce our risk of...Continue Reading

Woman placing a dish in the oven

A Healthy Tuna Noodle Casserole with Pantry Staples

April 17, 2020

Augusta Health's dietitians understand that healthy eating can be challenging during the COVID-19 pandemic. Like you, they've personally been facing the challenge of preparing healthy meals while limiting trips to the grocery stores. So they've turned to articles and blogs written by fellow dietitians in order to plan and prepare meals for themselves and their families. Over the next few weeks, they'll be sharing some of the healthy recipes and meal ideas that they themselves have prepared and enjoyed. If you are looking for assistance with managing your own diet and meal planning during this...Continue Reading

Lara Young checking a team member's gloves

Heroes at Work: Finding Purpose

April 16, 2020

Sometimes your profession can change when you least expect it. You find that your normal daily routine changes due to circumstances out of your control, but you are the kind of person that picks up and takes control where you are needed. You are a dedicated health care worker and will do anything to help your colleagues and most importantly, the patients. In the past few weeks, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, several employees at Augusta Health have been re-deployed to new roles. The new roles have been assigned based on skill sets, but those skill sets are now used in new and different...Continue Reading

Senior woman talking on phone with her eyes closed

Soothing for an Anxious Time: Being Alone Can Be Hard

April 16, 2020

One of the side effects of Social Distancing is that people who live alone can become even more isolated. When people who live alone are very socially connected and have lots of technical ability to visit friends and family using virtual means (computers, phones, tablets) they can tolerate this "Shelter in Place" time fairly well. And there are a few people who actually enjoy alone time and feel quite nourished by it. If they have a phone they can connect with family and friends as needed. But there are people in our lives and in our communities who are particularly isolated. They may even...Continue Reading

Woman exercising while watching her laptop

Continuing to Flatten the Curve

April 15, 2020

Viruses and germs are her specialty, and she's spent an entire career working on preventing the spread of disease to keep the community well. While all outbreaks have challenges, the novel coronavirus and the disease it causes, COVID-19, have been a once-in-a-century battle for nurses and Infection Prevention specialists like Stefanie Bartley, BSN, RN. She and her colleagues work each day to prevent the spread of the disease through surveillance and education—working collaboratively with clinical colleagues at Augusta Health, Public Health and patients. Is Social Distancing Working? How do we...Continue Reading