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Celebrating Excellence in Nursing at Augusta Health

April 4, 2017 | By Lisa Schwenk
Published in: Nursing, Spotlight

Nurse Innovators Jo-Ann Boll, Kristen Eaton, Linda Freed, Dylan Fix and Vickie Taylor

Augusta Health celebrated Nursing Excellence Day, an educational and recognition day for outstanding achievements in nursing on March 24, 2017. This year, more than 30 Poster Presentations on various research, process improvement projects and new programs developed by Augusta Health nurses were displayed. The annual Nurse Innovator awards were presented, and the 2016 Clinical Ladder participants and DAISY Award winners were recognized.

"All of our nurses at Augusta Health strive to provide excellent care every day to every patient," said Marvella Rea, MSN, RN CNML, Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer at Augusta Health. "Those we recognized on Nursing Excellence Day have gone above-and-beyond our high standards in the areas of research, education, leadership and nursing excellence. I am in awe of the work they have done for our patients and our community, and am proud to work with them every day."

Nurse Innovator Awards

The Nurse Innovator Awards recognize Registered Nurses who have demonstrated exemplary nursing innovation in the areas of Clinical Excellence, Nursing Education, Nursing Research and Nursing Leadership. This year's Nurse Innovator Awards recipients are:

  • Clinical Excellence: Kristen Eaton, ICU
  • Nursing Education: Linda Freed, ICU
  • Nursing Research: Dylan Fix, OB
  • Nursing Leadership: Jo-Ann Boll, RN, Crossroads and Vickie Taylor, OR/OB/Peds Administration

Clinical Ladder

The Clinical Ladder is a structured system designed to provide staff nurses career advancement and development while remaining in the clinical setting, providing direct patient care. The nurses who participated in the Clinical Ladder last year are:

Clinician II

  • Rachel Bell, OR
  • Jonathan Coleman, Cardiology
  • Chris Coyner, ED
  • Amy Dunlap, OR
  • Amy Eye, Hospice
  • Terese Gregory, Wound
  • Emily Hall, ED
  • Sherri Harris, PACU
  • Courtney Houser, ICU
  • Jen Jolin, ED
  • Diane Kennedy, Infusion
  • Sara King, ICU
  • Samantha Lipscomb, 3E
  • Victoria McTague, Surgical
  • Megan Miller, ED
  • Emily Moore, ICU
  • Mandy Morgan, PCU
  • Tammy Patterson, Wound
  • Robin Riley, ICU
  • Michelle Seay, OB
  • Lindy Sheets, Wound
  • Sabrina St. Clair, ED
  • Shannon Taetzsch, ED

Clinician III

  • Carissa Allen, OR
  • Brad Bennett, Hospice
  • Michelle Blair, ED
  • Stephanie Brooks, OB
  • Amy Brown, PACU
  • Shannon Burke, OB
  • Heather Carter, Endo
  • Laura Cline, OPS
  • Kristin Dale, PCU
  • Teresa Dinges, Wound
  • Kristen Eaton, ICU
  • Pam Flint, OR
  • Debbie Graham, Wound
  • Tiffany Hartman, Cardiology
  • Cynthia Hoover, PACU
  • Ariel Kennedy, 3E
  • Amy Markham, ED
  • Tonya Meadows, Wound
  • June Mellinger, PCU
  • Bethany Mohler, ICU
  • Holly Parker, OB
  • Tina Pitzer, Wound
  • Chelsi Plecker, PCU
  • Nina Rhodes, Infusion
  • Sharon Shenk, OPS
  • Patricia Shifflett, NRSP
  • Heather Smith, OB
  • Talisa Snow, OB
  • Eric Stadjuhar, Cardiology
  • Kim Sullenger, Home Health
  • Laura Summy, Hospice
  • Rachel Wilson, ICU
  • Emily Wyant, 3E

Clinician IV

  • Stephanie Bolt, OPS
  • Susanna Carter, PCU
  • Sabine Dukes, PCU
  • Meagan Greenwood, Hospice
  • Cathey Hall, OR
  • Charlotte Maiden, PACU
  • Michelle Sprouse, OB


The DAISY program is a recognition program that acknowledges outstanding care to patients and their families. Nurses can be nominated by patients, families or colleagues. Those nurses honored with DAISY awards last year are:

  • Donna Berdeaux, Cancer Center
  • Christian Darragh, Inpatient Surgical
  • Chelby Maddox, OB
  • Bethany Mohler, ICU
  • Kim Nelson, House Supervisor
  • Lori Silvestri, Inpatient Rehab
  • Erica Thomas, OB


Six nurses achieved national certification, a mark of excellence that reflects a nurse's knowledge, judgement and expertise in a specific area of study. Newly certified nurses are:

  • Dana Breeding, Certified Health and Wellness Coach (CHWC)
  • Veronica Bryant, Certified Clinical Documentation Specialist (CCDS)
  • Peggy Hill, Oncology Certified Nurse (OCN)
  • Sandy Ihrig, Oncology Certified Nurse (OCN)
  • Cindy Reeping, Oncology Certified Nurse (OCN)
  • Lori Silvestri, Certified Oasis Specialist (COS-C)