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Finding Help When You Lose Your Health Insurance

February 27, 2017
Published in: Financial

Finding help when you lose your health insurance

A Kaiser Family Foundation study conducted in 2015 discovered only three in five American families could cover the deductible of their insurance plans, while less than half can cover mid-range out-of-pocket health costs. Even with health insurance, it can be tough to cover your medical bills. Without health insurance, it can be practically impossible if you have a more serious condition, which is why losing your health insurance can be a shock.

If you've lost your health insurance, don't despair because you can still get medical care by taking advantage of payment plans and financial aid.There are a number of reasons you may lose your health insurance:

  • Losing your job
  • Getting a divorce
  • Getting married
  • Giving birth to a child
  • Being removed from your parents' plan when you turn 26
  • Being on a plan that is discontinued
  • You moved to an area not covered by your current health plan
  • Your employer reduced your work hours
  • Your spouse passes away

Note: If you don't sign up for a plan within the 30 to 60 day window after , you'll have to wait for the regular enrollment period.

Check-Out MD Save to Pay Less for Medical Procedures

If health insurance is not an option at the moment but you still need medical care, then consider MDsave. MDsave is an online healthcare marketplace that makes it extremely easy to find and purchase most medical procedure you need. You'll know precisely how much it will cost you upfront and you can shop around to find the best prices and best providers. You can also find reviews, making it even easier to decide on the best provider for your needs in your area. Prices have been negotiated with trusted providers so that you can save as much as 60% on out-of-pocket costs (I would remove this, since there's no billing involved). You pay once, upfront, and that's it. No unpleasant surprises later on.

Augusta Health has partnered with MDsave to provide our community with another option for access to affordable health care.

Look for Providers That Offer Payment Plans

Some healthcare providers offer payment plans, either through financing companies or in house lending. Keep in mind, interest rates vary and some healthcare providers may charge rates higher than credit card rates. It's worth checking around to see which option will save you the most money.

Augusta Health offers interest-free payment plans for up to 12 months and longer through the WE CARE™ Patient Payment Program from MedFinancial.

Seek Financial Aid

Another option is to seek financial aid. Some healthcare providers will provide financial assistance, but might first require you to apply for Medicaid and get rejected before they offer their own financial aid.

Augusta Health offers financial assistance for the hospital, home health, durable medical equipment, hospice, and physician offices associated with Augusta Health. This program is based on federal income guidelines.