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Great Hope in the Midst of This Pandemic

April 8, 2020
Published in: COVID-19, Mental Health

Dad waving to son during a video chat

We work hard to be in control of our lives. We have work plans, summer plans, retirement plans, house plans, yard plans, educational plans, worship plans, childcare plans and on and on. We are used to small interruptions in our plans that come from weather, or illness, or traffic jams. We are not used to dealing with the mighty disruption that a worldwide Pandemic has created. This is a whole new ballgame with new rules that are being created day by day. It is upsetting, mind-boggling, overwhelming, and at times downright frightening.

We are all being challenged to let go of normalcy more than most of us have ever had to do in our entire lives. We hear sad stories of small rebellions (people congregating in larger groups in defiance of the best advice of the scientific community) than end with more illness. But for the most part we human beings are doing the very difficult work of following a whole new and ever changing set of rules/guidance to stay safe and help ourselves and the rest of the human race manage this Pandemic as best we can.

It is pretty remarkable to observe the acceptance and the letting go of life as we know it in service of the greater good. It says something quite wonderful about humanity. It says we have the capacity to shift out of our comfort zones and to quite literally work together to save our lives and the lives of others. There is tremendous hope for humanity being demonstrated all around us. The vast majority of people are cooperating and attempting to do what is needed in this difficult time.

We certainly have goofed up along the way and perhaps could have done better if we had understood certain things earlier but that is water under the bridge. People will write about missed opportunities and we will hopefully learn from them for the next time we are faced with a crisis of this magnitude. But in this moment and at this time stop to reflect on the good in the human race that is working in concert to help the whole world. That is something to give us great hope for the future.

Be Mindful and be safe.