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Heart Healthy Gifts for Your Valentine

February 12, 2020
Published in: Heart

Young couple hugging outside

When Valentine’s Day rolls around, there are hearts everywhere! Whether or not you’re into getting heart-shaped cards and gifts for your valentine, it’s a good reminder to take care of your sweetheart’s heart health. Here are some gift ideas for your special someone that both they and their heart will enjoy!

Dark Chocolate

Assortment of chocolatesNothing says “Happy Valentine’s Day” like a box of chocolates, right? Well chocolate lovers, rejoice! You and your sweetheart can actually help your heart stay healthy with your sweet tooth. The cacao beans chocolate is made of is “choc” full of flavanols, which are good for your heart, blood pressure, and antioxidant levels. Choose a dark chocolate, with more cacao and less sugar: eating large amounts of sugar with your chocolate sabotages the good effects. For a twist on the classic flavor, some chocolates even come with nuts or berries in them, which are also good choices for your heart health. So, go ahead and buy chocolates for your sweetheart! Do be sure to eat chocolate in moderation, though. Bingeing, even on healthy treats, isn’t good for you, so take your time to savor it.

Breakfast in Bed

If your valentine loves their sleep as much as they love you, breakfast in bed is sure to be a treat. Let them sleep in (sleep is also great for your heart!), then serve up a delicious and nutritious feast. There are a lot of food options for a healthy start to the day: whole grains (especially oats), nuts, fruits (especially berries), and avocados are great choices. For a breakfast that is heartwarming and heart-healthy, you want foods like these that are full of unsaturated fat, fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins. Consider making a tasty bowl of oatmeal with bananas and nuts, some avocado toast, whole-grain muffins, or berry smoothies. Bon appetit!

Plan a Date

Senior couple holding handsSpending time with your valentine is always a good gift, so go out together! Plan a fun outing that gets you both up and at ‘em. Whether you go out for a night of dancing or a meandering walk together through the mall, any way you choose to get moving has benefits for your heart health. For a sentimental sweetheart, it might be a great experience to go on a walk at the place you met or explore your town together. You can also let Fido join on the fun: if you or your valentine has a dog, your canine friend would love to take a walk with you. (Dogs are the best kind of “third wheel” you could ask for!)

Snuggle Up

Enjoying time hugging, holding hands, and snuggling up close to each other isn’t just good for your relationship. It’s great for your health too! Human touch is important for your emotional health, but it also helps calm your body and reduce stress. Want to give your sweetheart a warm fuzzy feeling? Do both your hearts a favor, and take some time to curl up close to your valentine.

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