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Help for Isolation Blues

May 26, 2020
Published in: COVID-19, Mental Health

Girl blowing a dandelion and laughing

A lot of us are getting tired of isolation, tired of masks, tired of virtual visits, just tired of life in the midst of the Coronavirus Pandemic. We each have our own set of worries and frustrations. Though we are all roughly going through the same thing some of us have complicating factors that simply make it harder (specific issues with health, finances, childcare, eldercare, etc.). It would be hard to argue that anyone is immune from the effects of living with all of the changes that have been brought about by the Pandemic.

What can we do to make things a little bit better without putting our health or the health of others at risk? Here are a few ideas that might spark interest for you.

  1. Novelty: Do something new or in a different way. This could be something as simple as eating by candlelight or trying a different recipe. In a recent virtual church youth group I heard that the youth leader had a list of items for the youth to find in the house for a scavenger hunt. This sparked great joy and a lot of running about. Simply doing something new or different can make us feel more alive and more engaged.
  2. Rediscovery: We all have coffee table books that we chose because they interested us. We may not have looked at them in years. We can rediscover the delight of things that are already in our own homes. Whether it is a book of pictures of motorcycles, or lighthouses or cute puppies, we all have books that can bring us joy. Rediscovering things that have brought us joy in the past can bring that joy right back into the present.
  3. Humor: They do say that laughter is the best medicine. It can certainly elevate a person's mood. We can find a good laugh on the internet, on a favorite comedy show or movie or in one of our books of humor. We may even have family pictures that crack us up. Those can really be helpful during difficult times.

Hopefully these ideas will get our creative juices going to help us continue to be safe as we go one-day-at- a-time through the Pandemic towards a brighter future.