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How Breastfeeding Benefits a Mother's Health

September 21, 2017
Published in: Children, Pregnancy, Women

A mother kissing her baby boy

Mother holding her baby's handWe know that breastfeeding is optimal for a baby's health. Studies show that breastfeeding can boost health benefits by improving the immune system, preventing chronic disease, and even increasing IQ scores. The American Academy of Pediatrics strongly recommends breastfeeding as the optimal way to nourish your baby. Breast milk is a powerful all-natural combination of vitamins, protein, and fat that your baby needs to grow and thrive. The good news about breastfeeding extends beyond just the health of the baby though. It turns out that breastfeeding is just as beneficial for mothers. Here are some amazing ways that breastfeeding benefits mothers:

Healing Post-Delivery

Chemicals released when you breastfeed help restrict your uterus which can reduce post-delivery bleeding.


Breastfeeding creates a unique bond between mother and child. Hormones like prolactin and oxytocin produce feelings of peace and relaxation and foster a strong sense of connection.

Reduced Risks of Cancer

Breastfeeding reduces your risk of premenopausal breast and ovarian cancer.

Heart Health

A doctor talking with a female patientBreastfeeding keeps your heart healthy and reduces your risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, and high cholesterol. It also helps you maintain a healthy blood pressure which can be a concern during and after pregnancy.

Reduced Risk of Diabetes

Breastfeeding can lower blood sugar and keep diabetes at bay.

Strong Bones

Women that breastfeed have lower risks of osteoporosis because calcium is absorbed more easily into the body.

Healthy Weight

Family laying on the floorNursing can burn up to 500 calories per day. This can help you maintain a healthy weight after delivery.

There are also several practical benefits of breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is:

Less Expensive

Formula can cost between $4-$10 per day depending on the brand and the amount needed. Breast milk is the perfect option for your child's nutrition needs. No supermarket visits necessary!

Simple and Fast

Make those middle of the night feedings easy and fast by breastfeeding instead of having to prepare a warm bottle.

On the Go

Breastfeeding makes outings easier. No need to carry bottles and feeding equipment!

Good for Work

Breastfed babies are healthier babies. If you return to work after maternity leave, you can enjoy the extra benefit of decreasing sick days to stay home with your little one.

Healthy for the Earth

With no bottles to wash or formula cans to throw away, you can rest assured you're making a great choice for the environment and your child.

Breastfeeding is the perfect way to nourish your child and improve your health after delivery. This all-natural formula packs a powerful punch of nutrition and disease fighting substances that have long lasting health benefits. We know the decisions you make for your child are very personal. We're here to help. Find out more about our Birthing and Prenatal classes for parents, including a breastfeeding course.