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March 2018 DAISY Award Winner

April 4, 2018
Published in: Award, Nursing, Spotlight

Congratulations to Augusta Health’s March DAISY Award winner, Hayley Fix!!!
My husband had a colon resection on Friday morning and Hayley was his nurse. He had been in a great deal of pain and she cared enough to check with the on-call doctor to see if there was something else that could be done. I had gone to get a bite to eat and when I came back I found my husband much better, joking like normal.

I was very impressed by how she always spoke to him using our last name. She was very respectful.

Fast forward to Saturday night. I had been staying in the room with my husband. I suffer with migraine headaches and became very ill. I was throwing up in my husband's bathroom. Sadly I made a mess. I tried to clean it up but kept getting sick. Hayley came in to check on my husband and he told her I was sick. She asked if I needed anything. I told her I needed something to clean the bathroom floor, to which she responded; No, I've got that. What do you need to feel better? Then she said, I am bringing you ginger ale and a wash cloth but what else do you need to feel better? I told her nothing, but that I was very sorry. She repeatedly told me not to worry about it.

That young lady cleaned up my mess and I was not even her patient. We will never forget her. In turn, she never forgot one thing my husband asked for. She did everything with a smile and a great attitude. She never seemed too busy to take care of my husband. She told us she loves being a nurse and it is no doubt that she does. She seems to be a very kind and caring young lady. Augusta is blessed to have her.

DAISY Award honorees personify Augusta Health's remarkable patient experience. These registered nurses consistently demonstrate excellence through their clinical expertise and extraordinary compassionate care, and they are recognized as outstanding role models in our nursing community.