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Mindfulness: Remember Who We Are

April 1, 2020
Published in: COVID-19, Mental Health

Nurse listening to a young girl's lungs, girl has a stethoscope too

As we continue down this new and unfamiliar path let us reflect on who we are and how we came to be here.

We are all dedicated to the work of helping and healing and empowering others. We are all dedicated to serving the needs of the people who live in our communities. We are by our very nature supportive, generous and loving to others. We all have our different areas of strength and together we do amazing work. The work we are doing in every corner of this hospital is already helping people manage this difficult time with less suffering.

These next days and weeks will pose all kinds of challenges. Let us remember that we have coping skills. Let us remember that we have each other. We are not alone. Let us lean into our supports as we support others.

The Superhero Pose

Everyone working at Augusta Health right now is here because they care about the health of our patients, our neighbors, our community. We are thinking about their safety as well as our own. We are the Medical Professionals and the support people who together create a Hospital that is here right now serving people in full knowledge that this virus (that is already informing our every move) will very likely get worse before it gets better. I think you could call us all Superheros.

The Superhero Pose (you know the one) is a pose where we stand with our feet somewhat apart, hands on hips, shoulders back, chest out, chin up. Doing this pose for as little as two minutes decreases the Cortisol (the hormone associated with stress) in our bodies by 25%. It also increases the Testosterone (the hormone associated with power) by 20%. I usually encourage people to do this in a private space so they won't feel self-conscious but in this environment, at this time, I might encourage teams to do it between shifts. Bring that cortisol level down while being mindful of the extremely important work that you are doing.

Be Mindful and be safe.

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