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Nathan Hall, RN is presented with the DAISY Award

January 20, 2017
Published in: Nursing, Spotlight

Daisy Award for extraordinary nurses

Nathan Hall, RN was presented with the DAISY Award on January 12th. Nathan was nominated for this award by a co-worker. Here is what she had to say about Nathan:

Earlier this month I was witness to one of the most compassionate acts I have ever experienced as a nurse. I had a patient with cognitive limitations. Her boyfriend also suffered from mental retardation, however he understood that her prognosis was grim and he didn't often leave her side. I was under the impression that her boyfriend was experiencing quite a self-care deficit. With the help of the nursing supervisor, Mandy, we were able to arrange for a room for him to take a shower. When the room was ready, Nathan Hall gathered some toiletries and escorted him there. Nathan spoke with this gentleman and discovered that he was afraid he would slip in the shower so Nathan stayed with him and assisted with the shower. Nathan even arranged for him to have a pair of hospital pants and a gown to wear. Nathan then took his clothes down to be laundered. We also made sure he had the supplies necessary to bandage a wound on his leg and then we settled him back into his recliner, which was within an arm’s reach of his beloved girlfriend. It touched my heart to see a nurse go so far above and beyond his required duties to care for a patient's family member. Not to mention that this patient was not assigned to him. Nathan is truly an inspiration and he is always willing to help out even when the task at hand requires thinking outside the box, along with a large dose of genuine compassion. Nathan truly made a difference in these people's lives that night. I can still recall the voice of the family member saying how thankful he was and to please let Nathan know how much he appreciated the kindness.

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