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Soothing for an Anxious Time: Tired of Living in a Time of Pandemic

July 31, 2020
Published in: COVID-19, Mental Health

Girl swinging and laughing

Yesterday seemed to be the tipping point. Every single person seemed to be done with the Covid-19 pandemic. Over it, done, kaput, depressed, exhausted. The heat is definitely exacerbating the whole difficult thing. Everybody seems to be feeling the strain of months of life being altered in every direction. We want to hug Grandma. We want to go to the pool, to church, to restaurants. We want to cough or sneeze without feeling conspicuous and potentially dangerous. We want the real birthday party, wedding shower, wedding, baby shower, church. We are grateful to Zoom and other platforms that give us the ability to see our beloveds but it pales in comparison to a real deep hug.

How do we get over this hump? The answer may be simpler than we think. This coronavirus has left many of us with some anxiety and depressed mood. Both anxiety and depressive symptoms can interfere with our focus and concentration and even with our memory. We are not at the top of our ability to think creatively about options that might help us navigate this extremely difficult time. So, we can start by acknowledging that our resilience batteries are low. We need to take some time to focus and think about what kinds of things we can do during this time to bring joy into our lives.

We can brainstorm alone or with others. We can pose the question on social media: "What things are you doing at home to lift your spirits?" Or "What are some of the things you have done to find joy in the midst of Pandemic?" or "CONTEST!! I'll send two hearts and one Trophy emoji to the person who comes up with the best zero cost way to have fun at home during the pandemic!" Ultimately you just want to get your brain working for you to come up with ideas of totally doable things that really will help you feel better about yourself, your ability to improve the moment and life on the planet in general.

So, pull out the pictures, listen to some good music, read something that delights you, take flowers from your garden to a neighbor, and on and on. Like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, we have the power within us to move in the direction of our goals. We've had it all along.

Be Mindful and be Safe.