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Spring is Actually Here

April 2, 2020
Published in: COVID-19, Mental Health

Family reading in the park

In the midst of very real concerns about the many different ways the Coronavirus is interfering with "life as usual," Spring has arrived. All around us nature is going on as it does and the Winter has turned to Spring. It is lovely outside. The temperature is slowly getting warmer and the flowering plants are bursting into color. And many of us are missing it. We are more or less "in our heads" (more than usual) thinking about all of the things that we think about normally plus a host of additional concerns. We are worried about our children, our parents, our patients, our jobs, our graduation, the economy, etc.

And while we are in our heads we are missing the natural world's beautiful show. But we can do something about that. We can look out our windows and see the beauty happening all around us. If we are able to get outside we can take a walk. We can even take a walk in our own yards. Yes, we will see the work that needs to be done but we will also see the new life everywhere. We can explore our back yards like we are on an adventure looking for treasure and we may find a birds nest, or signs of a woodpecker or a random flower that we didn't plant.

If we are driving to and from work we have a unique opportunity to soak it all in: The clouds, the flowering plants, the cows, the birds, and all other signs of Spring. One interesting thing to do this time of year to be more mindful of nature's amazing shift towards new life is to look at all the various shades of green. There isn't one "green," there are lots of shades of green happening. Enjoy those greens and all of the colors of Spring.

If we need to stay inside and we have a few house plants this would be a good time to give them a little TLC. Sprinkle them with water in the kitchen sink. Transplant them if they need more space. Trim the parts that need to be trimmed. They will appreciate the attention and we will feel good because we cared for them. Helping others helps us. This is even true for green and flowering plants.

The natural world has much to offer. This is a great time to let it all into our senses. We will likely feel some new life when we do!

Be Mindful and be safe.