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Staff Recognizes Senior Leadership for COVID-19 Response

July 17, 2020
Published in: COVID-19

Heart and Vascular staff with the administration team socially distancing for a photo

Heart & Vascular staff recognized Augusta Health senior leadership during a presentation to express the gratitude from all of our teams for the health system's COVID response over the last several months. The senior leadership team was invited to hear the many words of gratitude.

Cath lab RN Andy Banas shared with the group, "Ms. Mannix and Senior Leadership members, we the staff of the Heart and Vascular Center would like to show our appreciation for your leadership through this very difficult and unprecedented time. You all have led, not only, this facility but also our community with vision, openness, and compassion. While other healthcare systems were scrambling to protect their staff and respond to their communities needs your forward thinking and planning saved lives. You and your team, ensured that we had the personal protective equipment that we needed, the training required to care for our patients, and ensured that we didn't have to worry about the security of our jobs. This allowed us to focus on the aspect that really sets Augusta Health apart from other hospitals, our patient care. We would like to present you with these flowers, cards, and a check for the Augusta Health Foundation in the name of the Heart and Vascular Staff. Thank you to each of you for a job well done!

Other staff and key leaders shared additional words of appreciation. Mary also addressed the group and shared that she would pass along the words of gratitude to the rest of the senior leadership team.