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The Secret to Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions!

December 11, 2018
Published in: Fitness, General

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A thinner waistline, kicking your smoking habit, or taking up that hobby you've always wanted – when the clock strikes midnight to ring in 2019, millions of Americans will make promises to improve their lives. We may have lofty ideals of the changes we'd like to make for the New Year, but actually keeping those resolutions is more difficult. In fact, Forbes estimates that only 8% of people stay true to their New Year's Resolutions. Want to join the ranks of those with stellar willpower and determination? We'll show you how!

Start Small to Achieve Big

The most common way to derail your success is to aim way too high with unrealistic expectations. After all, you can't expect to go from a couch potato to an Olympic athlete overnight! Instead, think about committing to something more realistic like working out 3 days a week and working your way up to 5 days a week. The idea is to set yourself up for success and pave your way to your big goal by mastering small, achievable goals.

One Hit Wonder

When we think of hitting the reset button, it can be tempting to try to change everything at once. If that sounds overwhelming, it's because it is! Your bad habits didn't form overnight, and they aren't going to go away all at once. To keep your resolutions manageable, focus on improving one thing at a time.

No Person is an Island

Looking up at friends standing in a circle with linked armsIf keeping resolutions were easy, everyone would be doing it! Make sure you're not sabotaging your success by trying to achieve things solo. Instead, surround yourself with people that support your goals. We all need someone to share our struggles with. Whether it's friends, family, a support group, professional help, or an online community, remember not to go it alone!

Kindness is King

It's normal to hits bumps along the path to success. Did you eat that extra piece of chocolate cake or have a cigarette after a stressful day? That's ok. The important thing is that you get back on track. Be kind to yourself when these mishaps occur.

Write On!

Did you know you're 46% more likely to keep a resolution if you write it down? Get out your pen and paper and write down your resolutions AND why you want to achieve them. This helps you remember your motivation for the changes you desire. Post your resolutions somewhere that you can see them every day. Revisit your "why" statements when you need an extra boost.

With a little planning, you can make this the year you keep your New Year's resolutions! If your resolution includes a healthier lifestyle, check out Augusta Health Fitness. We offer fitness programs for every fitness level.