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VCOM Preceptor of the Year Awards

July 12, 2017

Augusta Health Doctors Awarded VCOM Preceptors of the Year Awards

Dr. Olson was awarded the award of 3rd Year Preceptor of the Year for the Eastern Virginia Region by the 3rd Year VCOM students. Dr. Turner was awarded the same award except as a 4th Year Preceptor of the Year by the 4th Year students. Both of these awards are decided upon by the students who have rotated through Augusta Health.

Dr. Olson and Dr. Turner with their awards

VCOM stands for the Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine, which is a non-profit osteopathic medical school. Graduates of this program will receive their DO, which is virtually indistinguishable from an MD. Physicians with a DO receive additional training in the musculoskeletal system and will go on to become doctors in many specialties.

Below are comments from VCOM Students about their teachers, Dr. Olson and Dr. Turner:

“Dr. Olson is a role model. No matter how busy, he always took the time to teach and ask questions. He was patient with me as I answered questions. He gave feedback right away so I could correct my mistakes and improve throughout the rotation. He understood the need for autonomy and allowed me to see patients and write notes. I was always busy during this rotation and loved every minute of it. I learned more during this rotation than any other, not only about medicine but also how to handle the stresses of being a doctor. He was respectful, professional and amicable. Overall, he exemplifies what every student expects from a preceptor.”

“Dr. Turner is an amazing preceptor who takes the time to teach important concepts and challenges students appropriately. It was the most beneficial rotation all year.”

“This was a fantastic rotation and I learned an unbelievable amount. Dr. Turner is an outstanding physician and teacher who set such a strong example of how I should conduct myself as a physician.”

“Dr. Turner is a great teacher. He genuinely cares about you and wants you to succeed. With his help, I became stronger in presentations and my knowledge of medicine grew significantly. I also thought that having to present on a different topic everyday helped me learn the topic well and it also helped me prepare for audition rotations.”

“Dr. Turner did a great job preparing me for residency and my sub-internships rotations. Dr. Turner challenged me every day and my knowledge of medicine grew significantly. He also showed great compassion to his patients, by sitting down and spending the time to explain everything to them.”