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We need your support for a CT & MRI in a Freestanding Imaging Center

In May 2019, Augusta Health approved its strategic plan which included various initiatives to improve access to health care services in our region. As a part of this plan, Augusta Health intends to establish a freestanding imaging center on its hospital campus to provide outpatient diagnostic services at a lower cost with convenient access.

Augusta Health has had consistent growth in diagnostic imaging services and we expect the need for these services to continue growing. The freestanding imaging center is proposed to have the latest technology including a 3.0T MRI and 128 CT scanner which will advance the specialized imaging options available in our region. By bringing these services to our community in a freestanding imaging center, we are promoting the continuity of care for local residents and ensuring they do not have to travel from our community in order to obtain lower cost diagnostic services.

In order to achieve this goal, Augusta Health is asking for your support! We hope you will consider signing this petition so that Augusta Health can have an additional MRI and CT scanner in the new center and urge the Virginia Department of Health to approve the Augusta Health application. Also, as members of the community, letters of support from community members are also a powerful gesture showing support and endorsing projects. Augusta Health encourages you to submit a letter of support as well. You find can an example for such a letter of support on the Augusta Health website.

We look forward to your support of this vital project which will expand the diagnostic services available in our community and promote the continuity of care for our patients.

Reasons for signing

Janet Dressler — 07/09/2020

I think this would be great for the area! I am impressed with what is offered here and this would be a great addition.

Melinda Chaplin — 07/08/2020

For those who are overweight and to broad shouldered for the standard machine can't get an mri after a stroke... please please please get a freestanding imaging center!

Gail Hundley — 06/05/2020

I would like to support our local community hospital and for the services it will provide to all members of this great community.

Renee Herrell — 05/27/2020

I am a big supporter of our community hospital, and I applaud their efforts to improve access to health care services at a reasonable cost for our area.

Emily Keister — 05/26/2020

I am signing because Augusta Health has been providing care for this community for over 25years. As a community, supporting AH is supporting ourselves by ensuring that this health care system continues to receive the financial support necessary to continue it's work.

Linda Ratcliff Moran — 05/21/2020

I am signing because it is the right thing to do for our community.

Jeff Lum — 05/21/2020

We need to support our local hospital and the employees/residents.

Lisa Peacemaker — 05/20/2020

I recently relocated to the area and support Augusta Health in this endeavor. I rely on them to provide quality health care.

Christy Swartz — 05/20/2020

It is important for our community to have access to necessary health care.

James Cochrane — 05/19/2020

Augusta health has always put the community's interests first and done a great job caring for those around them. I highly doubt a corporate entity whose sole focus is the bottom line of the company would have the same investment in the community. I would also hate to see the revenue generated not be put back in the community.

Rene Leetun — 05/16/2020

I have had great support for me and my family over the years from AMC. Want support them like they have supported me.

Ellen Schorsch — 05/15/2020

The facility needs to be accessible to the large community Augusta Health serves without the inconvenience of traveling far.

Mary-Kate DePriest — 05/15/2020

Keeping Augusta Health resources strong allows for increased allocation to the community vs larger operations taking revenue away from the community.

Timothy W Freeze — 05/14/2020

We needed these facilities!

Teresa Hinkley — 05/14/2020

Sentara recently closed two rural clinics siting difficulty recruiting providers. Sentara has no meaningful connection to the community served by Augusta Health and will "trim fat" in uncertain times prioritized by their fiscal interests over the needs of individual communities they serve. I live in Harrisonburg and worked RMH for 15 years which included the transition and first several years of Sentara ownership. I've been happily employed at Augusta Health since March 2017 despite the commute. The people of Staunton, Waynesboro, and Augusta County deserve the investment in their community and quality of care that Augusta Health provides.

Dawn Hogan — 05/14/2020

I believe in assisting our community by providing a free standing Augusta Medical Center MRI and CT scanner. This will be enhance our resource's within our community and Augusta's ability to integrate additional services to this community it serves and not an outside provider. Dawn Hogan RN CNN

Douglas S. Thompson — 05/14/2020

Augusta Health has been the provider of community healthcare in this area for more than 25 years. They have dedicated their mission to being non-profit for the betterment of the community and the standard of healthcare that they provide. Any significant new facility such as this should be awarded to this awesome organization that is also one of the largest employers for our area.

Sharon Moore — 05/13/2020

I believe in this organization with my whole heart and its long-standing mission of providing access to the best quality and most compassionate healthcare to the community(ies) it serves. Augusta Health is here for you and for me and our families. Other organizations that might want to offer "certain" services in our area are only concerned with how that will increase their market share and/or improve their financial performance. They don't want to care for our sickest or financially challenged. Augusta Health chooses to care for all of us regardless of our circumstances = they truly see us as part of their extended family and the community we ALL live in.

Jesse T Hancock — 05/13/2020

I believe additional services will be more convenient and hopefully less expensive. Thank you.

Bill Martin — 05/12/2020

I have been treated for cancer at Augusta Health with great success. We need to continue to upgrade patient care here so folks don't have to go across the mountain to get good services and care.

Becky Yeary — 05/12/2020

I think we could use this to hopefully lessen wait times for scanning and imaging.

Rachel Joy — 05/12/2020

I am signing this petition because I believe Augusta Health is interested in supporting its local community. We need this community resource to be provided by a company that really cares about the people who will utilize it.

Patricia Campbell — 05/12/2020

I am signing because I believe in the mission of Augusta Health and feel they are on top of our community’s medical needs.

Emily Campbell — 05/12/2020

I believe in the mission and vision of Augusta Health. They do great things for the community of Staunton, and this will help better the community.

Cassie Key — 05/11/2020

As a local resident, I know this would be beneficial for our local community to help continued treatment at AH and not having to travel for these tests!

Kenzi — 05/09/2020

Our community deserves to continually provide the best care to our region.

Teresa Cutchin — 05/07/2020

Good thing to have in our area

Susan Williams — 05/07/2020

This is a much needed service for our community, and you can’t beat the service from the local hospital

Cindy powell — 05/07/2020

because Augusta Healthcare is a wonderful place. It strives to do everything it can for their community and all the patients they treat and this would make tests easier for patients to get care without having to travel elsewhere.

Barbara McIntire — 05/07/2020

I am signing this because there is a need in our community.

John Katsianis — 05/07/2020

I support Augusta Health. They are our community health care provider.

sherry doyle — 05/07/2020

Proud to be an employee of Augusta Health and looking forward to their expansion and opportunities to improve our community health

Kelsey Jamison — 05/07/2020

I am signing this petition because I work in the radiology department and I feel like this would be a great thing to have for our community and patients

Isaac R. Diehl — 05/06/2020

I am signing this due to the outstanding service that Augusta Health has been providing the citizens of Augusta and Southern Rockingham County since the inception of Augusta Health.

Michael Flam — 05/06/2020

I strongly believe that Augusta Health has the community at its core and it can provide cost effective imaging to the community that’s afffordable and convenient.

Pamela Mathews — 05/06/2020

We need more access to OP procedures & Augusta Health is our preferred provider

Deborah Brown — 05/06/2020

I am signing this petition because I am a resident of Staunton. AH has support our community for years and need to be able to provide care in our community. We also need to support AH which is our community hospital.

Breckon Long — 05/06/2020

I am signing because I believe supporting our community hospital is critical as they support everyone in our community- rich or poor.

Stephanie Bishopriggs — 05/05/2020

I support Augusta Health's commitment to our patients and efforts to remain a local independent community hospital

Megan Cather — 05/05/2020

I am signing because Augusta is committed to the community it serves and serves that community well.

Beverly Rayman — 05/04/2020

Augusta Health is truly a community hospital and not part of a corporate conglomerate. This center will better serve the residents of our community.

Matthew Fidler — 05/04/2020

There is a serious need in our community that Augusta Health can fill by obtaining this vital equipment!

REGINA SAWYER — 05/04/2020

Augusta Health is a community based hospital and should have the right to continue to care for the community.

Starke H. Smith — 05/04/2020

I support Augusta Health as the main Hospital in the ares and should be allowed to have the most up to date equipment to serve our Community

Elaine Campbell — 05/04/2020

I believe this would continue to help Augusta Health care for our community. In this new & changing world their urgent care facilities are the place to go if you need to be seen; when you are sick you can't wait until next Thursday for an appointment with your doctor! I think this new facility will go hand in hand with this new way of taking care of our community. Thank you Augusta Health for all you do to keep our Community Safe & Strong!

Vicki Keyser — 05/03/2020

I support our local hospital. I do not want to be part of a monopoly.

Brandon Propst — 05/03/2020

I am signing because I think that this is a great asset to our community. This will allow for more outside orders to be completed for patients and family members without having to come directly to the hospital.

sarah branham — 05/03/2020

I very much value augusta healths mission and support this helpful cause in our community

Lisa Clinedinst — 05/03/2020

Augusta Health serves this community so well. This is very much needed.

Ashley Brucia — 05/02/2020

Augusta Health is our community hospital that is that has our interest in mind by providing more services.