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We need your support for a CT & MRI in a Freestanding Imaging Center

In May 2019, Augusta Health approved its strategic plan which included various initiatives to improve access to health care services in our region. As a part of this plan, Augusta Health intends to establish a freestanding imaging center on its hospital campus to provide outpatient diagnostic services at a lower cost with convenient access.

Augusta Health has had consistent growth in diagnostic imaging services and we expect the need for these services to continue growing. The freestanding imaging center is proposed to have the latest technology including a 3.0T MRI and 128 CT scanner which will advance the specialized imaging options available in our region. By bringing these services to our community in a freestanding imaging center, we are promoting the continuity of care for local residents and ensuring they do not have to travel from our community in order to obtain lower cost diagnostic services.

In order to achieve this goal, Augusta Health is asking for your support! We hope you will consider signing this petition so that Augusta Health can have an additional MRI and CT scanner in the new center and urge the Virginia Department of Health to approve the Augusta Health application. Also, as members of the community, letters of support from community members are also a powerful gesture showing support and endorsing projects. Augusta Health encourages you to submit a letter of support as well. You find can an example for such a letter of support on the Augusta Health website.

We look forward to your support of this vital project which will expand the diagnostic services available in our community and promote the continuity of care for our patients.

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Letters of support from community members are a powerful gesture to show advocacy and endorsement for projects. We encourage you to submit a letter of support to endorse Augusta Health's request for 1 CT and 1 MRI.

Reasons for signing

Lori Davis — 05/01/2020

Augusta Health has always taken care of the community and they should be allowed to continue to do so for many more years to come!!

William Martin — 05/01/2020

Augusta Heath needs to expand these services so they will be more convenient and accessible to residents in the area.

Emily Greene — 05/01/2020

Augusta Health serves our community in a unique way: friendly, small-town feel with high-quality care. There should be further expansion to provide care for the area and people that I love!

Valerie Payne — 05/01/2020

We need this.

Deborah Taylor — 05/01/2020

It we have a lower cost option for outpatient services. This would benefit the region. Augusta Hospital provides excellent service in the Region

Rita Dietz — 05/01/2020

Our area needs this equipment.

Jayma Huffman — 05/01/2020

We need to support our local hospital and making sure we do that with new and up to date equipment

Andrew Moyer — 04/30/2020

I am signing because Augusta Health outpatient services are vital to the Augusta, and surrounding counties/cities communities. We need this scanning center to further expand our capabilities!

Chessie Lyle — 04/30/2020

Augusta Health is home for me and I want to keep business local.

Bethany Supinger — 04/30/2020

I support moving forward with this project so our community will have much needed services closer to home.

Patrick Baroco — 04/30/2020

I am signing because I once lived in Norfolk, home of Sentara. But now I very proudly call Staunton home. I came here for community, and Augusta Health represents that. I want no more to do with Sentara.

Emily C — 04/30/2020

I believe in Augusta Health and the care that they provide. I depend on them for my health care needs

Danielle — 04/30/2020

I saw the demand that they need new updated equipment when I worked as a transporter at Augusta Health.

Laura Johnson — 04/30/2020

I believe in Augusta Health's commitment to the health, safety, and wellbeing of our community.

Carolynn Nesselrodt — 04/30/2020

I’m an RN at the hospital and I want my community to have the closest resources and health options possible at more reasonable pricing

Kaitlin Stevenson — 04/30/2020

I support Augusta Health!!

Bradley Lane — 04/30/2020

It's needed

Tracy Sandeson — 04/30/2020

Augusta Health is here and takes good care of all of us. we need to support our local hospital

Lisa Pritt — 04/30/2020

I am sign this petition so that we can continue caring for our patient

Faith Poole — 04/30/2020

This facility is needed in the community to ensure that patients can have imaging done in a convenient and timely manner. Open MRI is REALLY needed in this area !!!

Elizabeth Coleman — 04/30/2020

Augusta Health provides excellent service.

Holly E Coleman — 04/30/2020

In my opinion as a veteran registered nurse, it is very important to provide the most state of art imaging technology in our hometown for patients. Augusta Health has and continues to be focused on improving the health and safety of our community. Therefore as a community, we should be compelled to protect Augusta Health from being overtaken by larger health care corporations who have not invested in the general welfare of our community.

Crystal Simmons — 04/30/2020

I am signing this petition because I believe in the mission of Augusta Health to provide the best care for our community. I am supporting Augusta Health in adding a new imaging facility in our community. I do not want to see another care facility encroach on our community and jeopardize the stability of OUR community owned hospital.

William Clifton — 04/30/2020

I am signing this petition because as an employee I have seen Augusta Health's desire to serve this community in action. This will only increase their ability to help the community.

Daniel M. Friend — 04/30/2020

I want to support Augusta Health's role in our community

Kristen Martin — 04/30/2020

This would be so huge and beneficial for our community. Augusta Health is here to serve our community

Jake Floyd — 04/30/2020

I am signing because my wife is an employee of Augusta Health

Donna Hurst — 04/30/2020

Augusta Health serves the communities of Staunton, Waynesboro and Augusta County with many aspects with state of the art care. AH is a not for profit community based hospital that is owned and run by our community, not share holders. Supporting AH through this Imaging Center will be beneficial to our citizens who can access imaging services without having to come to the hospital to have it performed. Augusta Health supports our community in many way, being an employer of thousands of our citizens as well as supporting community programs and indigent patients through the Foundation and patient care assistance programs. The money that Augusta Health makes is poured back into our local communities and supports all three of our local municipalities. AH is a true value to our region and I ask that you support them in their COPN for their Imaging Center. Thank you.

Michelle Lane — 04/30/2020

I feel this facility would be a great resource in supporting our local community.

Teresa Garber — 04/30/2020

I am signing because not only am I an employee of Augusta Health, but also a resident of Staunton. I appreciate our community based hospital and their dedication to our community for quality healthcare.

Melisa Reilly — 04/30/2020

I am signing because I am an employee of Augusta Health. We do not need anyone else but Augusta Health to have a free standing imaging center.

Deanna McClintic — 04/30/2020

This will be an important step for providing additional safety for the community.

Austin Boyd — 04/30/2020

I am signing because I am an employee of Augusta Health.

Tiffany Harris — 04/30/2020

I believe supporting our community hospital is critical as they support everyone in our community. Augusta Health has made it their mission to put the best interest of our community first and they deserve our support!

Ashley Kane — 04/30/2020

I am signing because I value Augusta Health and its community mission. I want to put my support behind OUR community hospital. I DO NOT want to see an outsider facility from Sentara RMH opened up in Staunton.

Aaron Thaler — 04/30/2020

Augusta is our community hospital and this would be a great resource.

Jennifer Evans — 04/30/2020

I am signing because I believe in and support Augusta Health!

Emilee Floyd — 04/30/2020

I am signing because Augusta Health cares about our immediate community. Sentara is a part of a much bigger entity that is not interested in this community, but interested in another avenue for their financial gain.

Randall Terry — 04/30/2020

Augusta Health is more than just a business and is more than just a medical center. Augusta Health has always strived to provide the best level of care possible for our area and additional imaging facilities will help us to better serve our patients and our community.

James F. Corn — 04/30/2020

My wife - Mary Long - is an employee and I want to support your efforts.

John Lubkowski — 04/30/2020

I am signing because I believe in Augusta Health's commitment to our patients!

David A Rylak — 04/30/2020

I strongly support efforts by Augusta Health to remain a local independent community hospital that offers a high level of medical services to our community. For this to continue, it is vital that Augusta Health receive the only favorable resolution from the Staunton City Council supporting COPN approval for one CT and one MRI for Planning District 6. Sentara RMH has filed a competing application for a free standing imaging center to be located in Staunton. This is a very serious issue because it represents Sentara encroaching into our community’s healthcare market in a very predatory way and threatening to destabilize Augusta Health economically. It is my informed opinion that the large conglomerate that is Sentara will never be able to provide the quality local services that Augusta Health currently provides to our citizens each day.

Sharon Shenk — 04/29/2020

As an employee at the hospital, I feel we could better serve the community by expanding MRI and CT testing options with a free standing imaging center.I am amazed how much the administration of this independent hospital cares about our community.

Tony Brumfield — 04/29/2020

This will very helpful to our community

Kathy Brumfield — 04/29/2020

I believe this will be a great addition to what Augusta Health already offers us.

Penny Altizer — 04/29/2020

I think Augusta Health does a lot for its community and this would be a benefit for the whole area. This is much needed!!

Rose Davis — 04/29/2020

I am signing because Augusta Health is my employer and healthcare system. I want AH to grow to continue meeting our community's needs.

Katie Adams — 04/29/2020

I am signing this petition supporting Augusta Healths expansion of services to the Augusta County and surrounding residents. Augusta Health has proven many times it has what it takes to continuously evaluate and expand services the community needs, keeping access to care close to home. This is the next step in strengthening service offerings in a convenient and state of the art facility.

Divyangkumar Gandhi — 04/28/2020

I care about this community and role of Augusta Health as the biggest employer and health leader for Augusta county, Waynesboro and Staunton city. Since it’s foundation in this area, Augusta health has provided top notch quality clinical care to the community. For so many patients, this is the only high quality healthcare option within 50 miles and this means a lot to them so this hospital deserves to open freestanding facility for CT/MRI to make things more convenient for the patients. Other large healthcare systems haven’t played larger role in this community thus they don’t deserve to compete with this community owned local system.

Tracey Derby — 04/28/2020

I'm signing because we need to support our local community hospital that is staffed by neighbors, family, and friends. More services mean more thorough care for all of us.